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bone linking the scapula and sternum

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Woffinden's hopes of becoming Britain's first world champion since Mark Loram in 2000 suffered a setback in the Scandinavian GP last month when he re-fractured the collarbone he shattered at the British GP in Cardiff on June 1.
I was saying it the whole week and I picked up Tomasz's back wheel in the first race and bust my collarbone again.
PAUL CARBERRY expects to be out of action for about a month after breaking his left collarbone at Navan on Sunday, writes Michael Clower.
Broken collarbones are nothing new to Burns and the rehabilitation period is usually two to four weeks, technically ruling him out of Mondello.
After he was knocked out of five games over the past two seasons and twice suffered season-ending broken collarbones, the shareholders in C.
Until the accident - the effects of which today make her collarbones overlap so that the right one is shorter than the left.
Unrelated to the San Diego, the day also saw Laffit Pincay, the greatest active jockey, fracture his left collarbone and a rib in a 10th-race fall.