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Synonyms for collapsible

capable of collapsing or being collapsed

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According to a geotechnical and hydrological investigations report commissioned by the Department of Town and Regional Planning in 2006, the cause of such cracks is the fact that the village sits on collapsible silt sand.
The new Store It collapsible storage cubes overcome this drawback, while still offering highly usable storage capacity.
Create a display in your housewares department to feature these trending items and have some items out of their packaging to allow customers to try products and increase their likelihood of adding collapsible products to their baskets.
The Danazoo Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Pet Carrier is the perfect airline-friendly solution for traveling with your furry friend.
Nilsson designed a disposable pump based on collapsible containers using blow molded and injection molded recyclable polypropylene or high-density polyethylene.
The Super-Stoc retains the utility of a collapsible stock while adding the rigidity of a fixed stock.
One technology that has expanded the capabilities of undercut molding more than any other is the collapsible core.
The unit comes with a collapsible duct stored in a small storage bag that can be dropped down into the manhole with a quick release of the drawstring.
Aladdin's new fine includes a Three Collapsible Bowl Set and a Two Mini Collapsible Bowl Set, the Collapsible Salad Set, and the Collapsible Steamer Set, which has a steam vent and built-in steamer tray to keep veggies crisp and bright when microwave-steamed.
Reusable plastic containers company Myers Industries Inc (NYSE:MYE) revealed on Wednesday that it has unveiled a new class of pallet-sized collapsible containers under its industry-leading Buckhorn brand.
Our products comprising Euro containers, storage containers, big boxes, collapsible bulk containers, perforated containers, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), pallets and pails with lid are not sensitive to acids and alkaline solutions, are available in all popular sizes, cold and heat resistant, offer optimal handling due to ergonomic handles and are suitable for conveyor systems," says the founder.
A relatively new category, collapsible kitchen tools are a great value-added purchase for your customer.
In addition, the collapsible shipper, which has a 330-gallon capacity, is designed to reduce the cost of return shipping and the storage space required for reusable IBC's.
COLLAPSIBLE COLANDER: If storage space is at a premium in a cook's kitchen, this pop colander that collapses for easy storage will be most welcome.