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Synonyms for collage

a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image

any collection of diverse things

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On the one hand, his book-length albums of borrowed language and surprising juxtapositions identify him as an "experimental" writer, in the fine tradition of modernist and post-modern literary collagists.
Designers have always been collagists, building libraries of tasty stuff, mocking up prototypes with clipped and scanned works from their peers.
And artists, or their heirs, who fall into the trap of attacking the collagists and satirists and digital samplers of their work are attacking the next generation of creators for the crime of being influenced, for the crime of responding with the same mixture of intoxication, resentment, lust, and glee that characterizes all artistic successors.
The event, called Utopia Station, brought together artists from many different genres: painters, collagists, photographers, and writers to name a few.
Fine arts collagists who use this technique include Carrie Burns Brown, Gerald Brommer, Carole Barnes, and Gladys Russo.