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a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image

any collection of diverse things

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JORY MICKELSON'S work has appeared or is forthcoming in Superstition Review, Sundog Lit, Weave Magazine, The Collagist, The Los Angeles Review, The Adirondack Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, and other journals.
As a literary collagist, le Carre is fiercely modern; this is the thriller as tapestry, a confluence of styles, voices, approaches.
Among his vocations, Wolf is a collagist and poet; the two crafts inform this spare assemblage perfectly.
In BLUE 1, Nouges attack on the fashionable sort of avant-garde promoted by 7 Arts, he juxtaposed gnomic answers with absent questions, and creatively misquoted previously printed responses, thus introducing the collagist strategy and the ironic, ambiguous tone that later tracts echoed and elaborated.
6) Peter "is both an image and an object in a collagist sense, inhabiting an indeterminate space" (Yue 120-21).
After having read the introductory discussion of high-modernist visual arts, readers may still have collagist images by Benjamin Peret, Pablo Picasso, and Aaron Douglas in mind when Farebrother moves them to Franz Boas's work and the central place collage occupies in his description and understanding of culture.
That's how August Wilson described the art of collagist Roma re Bearden, who would have been 100 this year, and whom Wilson regularly cited as a key inspiration for his own monumental 10-play cycle.
Earl met Taveniere as well as Woods' wild card, cassette collagist Lucas Crane in college at SUNY Purchase.
Also an accomplished collagist and filmmaker, he was self-taught and created his first collages, box constructions and experimental films in the 1930s.
He combined and deployed them with the kind of subtle metaphoric and dialogic strategy that we associate with a modernist juxtapositor like Ezra Pound (1885-1972) or an editorializing collagist like Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008).
A self-taught watercolorist and collagist, Elmaleh began painting seriously in the late-1960s.
This model illustrates how the narrative with a commenting narrator may be broken down into commentary and diegesis, although in the composition of the diegesis the narrator acts more like a collagist.
Following 200s's Dimanche a Bamako, recorded with Spanish collagist Manu Chao, this bracing album from the blind Malian couple gracefully blends everything from traditional instruments like kora and balafon to cellos and trombones, generating hypnotic, danceable layers of sound.
Seriously, as a collagist, the many parties do meet and elbow for attention and inclusion.
In fact, rather like the collagist "pasteup" method of randomly editing and recontextualizing materials at will, Fontana's approach remains fundamentally timebased.