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a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image

any collection of diverse things

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In the end, looking at Cane in the framework of collage--and in connection to later collagist Romare Bearden, for example--allows Farebrother to see Cane in dialogue with vernacular and modernist forms of expression.
A self-taught watercolorist and collagist, Elmaleh began painting seriously in the late-1960s.
This model illustrates how the narrative with a commenting narrator may be broken down into commentary and diegesis, although in the composition of the diegesis the narrator acts more like a collagist.
Seriously, as a collagist, the many parties do meet and elbow for attention and inclusion.
In fact, rather like the collagist "pasteup" method of randomly editing and recontextualizing materials at will, Fontana's approach remains fundamentally timebased.
He is at once an extraordinarily gifted musician and a peerless sonic collagist.
More than 1,300 works are displayed and there are two rooms dedicated to pop art originator Patrick Caulfield and sculptor, collagist and printmaker Sir Eduardo Paolozzi - both Royal Academicians who died last year.
Aizenberg struck out on his own in the mid-fifties and rapidly earned a reputation as a sidled painter, collagist, and draftsman.
At the other end of the spectrum was the late Joe Brainard, who was the Joffrey Ballet's costume and set designer, a book cover designer, a collagist, and prolific collaborator with many poets such as Frank O'Hara and Edwin Denby, both profiled in Arts and Letters.
Ede was also an enthusiast for two littleknown non-British artists, the earthy American semi-abstract painter William Congdon and the Italian collagist Italo Valenti.
Indeed, Sweet admits that "Self-Portrait" actually "does not set the standard for Ashbery's subsequent poetry, which often vigorously reincorporates the experimental plasticities of collagist, juxtapositional, and other disjunctive strategies.
Perhaps with Tripticks she felt she had reached the limits of possibility for collagist fiction, or perhaps she turned away from overt formal experiment for other reasons.
The Markow House is the outcome of a particularly fertile host-parasite rapport that recalls Frank Gehry's late '70s collagist forays into the suburbs (his own house -- Ar July 1980 -- was an energetic riot of angular chain link fencing and crinkly tin).
Local hero Mike Hoolboom, collagist Larry Jordan, pixel-vision practitioner Sadie Benning and sexologist Annie Sprinkle are just some of the artists who have been given one-person shows by Pleasure Dome.