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Synonyms for collage

a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image

any collection of diverse things

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I love collage as an art teacher because it's part drawing, part painting with colored paper, and found materials.
Scrapwalls makes it easy to customize collages by rearranging and resizing photos.
The first major breakaway occurred with Larry Clark's book The Perfect Childhood (1993), which included his early collages of popular teen icons such as Matt Dillon and River Phoenix; this was followed by Richard Hawkins's scrapbook approach to celebrating hot fashion boys, movie stars, and classical Greco-Roman sculptures.
As she finished the book, she told the kids about her own children, who inspired her to write the book, and the way she worked with artist Ken Kewley, who added collages to his portfolio after they collaborated on the book.
The sea is clearly a source of inspiration, but her collages also include studies of a lot of structures ranging from modernistic buildings in Arizona to farm houses in Vermont.
Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century's Identity Crisis.
In her reading of Jonah's Gourd Vine, Farebrother places Hurston's formal choices within the context of transatlantic modernism, seeing her work resonate with Eisenstein's filmic montage or Marianne Moore's poetic collages.
Batoul Mutar Abadi al-Jibouri, has received the post of Acting Dean for the Collage of Administration & Economy in southern Iraq's Qadisiya University in Diwania Province, being the first time a women was appointed in such post in southern Iraq's Central Euphrates area, it was reported in Diwaniya on Tuesday.
Seydel amends that Waldrop's collages "gesture toward, accommodate, and open up free territories of drift and dream.
He's an admirer of Richard Hamilton's collages, especially his famous 1956 piece "Just what is it that makes today's home so different?
Enjoy layering fabulous feeling fabrics into your colourful collages with textile artist Donna Mackinnon.
Dollmakers receive a variety of step-by-step approaches to creating doll faces, from developing simple grids which divide the face into quadrants to using different mediums from watercolors and dyes to collages and fabric sculpting.
Cleverly told in the voice of the insightful big sister, the book captures the bond between a little girl and her baby brother with a blend of funny rhymes and striking collages.
Over the next few months, he created a series of small-scale collages that would serve as his own personal statement.