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Boswellia serrata extract for the treatment of collagenous colitis.
Conclusions: Our study suggests that BSE might be clinically effective in patients with collagenous colitis.
Pitfalls in the diagnosis of collagenous colitis: experience with 75 cases from a registry of collagenous colitis at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Some doctors suspect that a bacteria or virus causes collagenous colitis, while others think the inflammatory bowel disease may result from an autoimmune response--the body's immune system destroys healthy cells in the colon for no known reason.
Collagenous colitis does not increase a person's risk of getting colon cancer.
Although we had no doubts about excluding a CD diagnosis in the two patients with Crohn disease and in the two with chronic liver disease, both collagenous colitis (28) and psoriasis (29) have been reported to be associated with CD.
of cases Irritable bowel syndrome 70 Esophagitis 45 Peptic erosions/ulcers (gastric or duodenal) 41 Crohn disease 15 Food intolerance/allergy 10 Chronic liver disease 6 Gastric cancer 2 Right colon cancer 2 Collagenous colitis 1 Intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome 1 Psoriasis 1 (a) Patients underwent the serologic assays for CD diagnoses and were considered as controls to evaluate the specificities of the assays studied.
In this prospective, double-blind trial, 28 patients with collagenous colitis were randomized to either one 9-mg dosage of budesonide (Dr.
Collagenous colitis as the presenting feature of biopsy-defined celiac disease.
In vivo diagnosis of collagenous colitis by confocal endomicroscopy.
In patients with ongoing diarrhea and spruelike diseases refractory to gluten-free diet, collagenous colitis and lymphocytic colitis need to be excluded, both of which may be patchy in distribution and sampling errors could occur, so random colon biopsies, including the right colon, may be warranted.
This set of disorders includes collagenous gastritis, collagenous sprue, and collagenous colitis.
No evidence of lymphocytic or collagenous colitis was found in the colon.