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relating to or consisting of collagen


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Boswellia extracts have also induced clinical remission in patients who have collagenous colitis, a less common form of inflammatory bowel disease characterized by chronic diarrhea.
If the scab is removed prematurely, then the body will replace the re-opened lesion with collagenous scar tissue which restricts normal tissue (epithelial) regeneration causing a fine white line to develop on the skin surface.
Spindle-shaped fibroblastic cells were embedded in collagenous stroma and were extensive in some areas, leaving only scattered cells within a large, sometimes necrotic.
Other bio-engineered dermal regenerative templates to create a vascularised collagenous dermal layer are Integra and Pelnac.
GA crosslinking of collagenous tissues significantly reduced the biodegradation, made them biocompatible and preserved anatomic integrity and flexibility [22].
While studying HSV-1 and scavenger receptors in cultured human skin cells, Gallo and colleagues in the Atopic Dermatitis Research Network, funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discovered that the virus strongly interacts with a particular receptor called a macrophage receptor with collagenous structure or MARCO, which it uses to gain entry into cells.
Prominent thick walled blood vessels are scattered throughout the lesion with fine collagenous fibers.
Her past medical history includes collagenous colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, hypertension, GERD and depression/anxiety.
The stroma is a fibrovascular connective tissue that contains collagenous and elastic tissue as well as arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves and lymphoid tissue.
4) Tornos et al (3) reported 14 cases of ovarian endometrioid carcinoma with prominent spindled cells arranged in nests, often forming concentric whorls and interlacing fascicles, in a collagenous background with admixed typical endometrioid glands, and Murray et al (4) reported 31 cases of endometrioid carcinoma of the uterine corpus that displayed cords of epithelioid, spindle, and fusiform cells embedded in a hyalinized collagenous matrix, admixed and often merging with typical endometrioid glands.
Collagenous colitis, lymphocytic colitis, and diversion colitis are more recently recognized inflammatory bowel diseases.
Histopathologically myofibrosarcomas are characterized by a cellular proliferation of spindle-shaped cells arranged in intersecting fascicles and sheets within scant collagenous to myxoid stroma.
Diagnosis: Bollmannia can be distinguished from other Gobiosomatini genera by the following combination of characters, not listed in order of taxonomic importance: first dorsal of most species with black spot or blotch on posterior portion of fin; second dorsal I,11-15; anal I,10-15; pelvic fins with well-developed frenum supported with collagenous thickenings, frenum with scalloped posterior margin; caudal fin lanceolate; trunk scales ctenoid; predorsal region, cheek, pectoral fin base and breast with cycloid scales; predorsal scales 7-10.
Also cyclosporine, nifedipine, phenytoin were found to synergize with IL--[beta] to further enhance secretion of this cytokine by gingival fibroblasts in vitro there by resulting in increased collagenous protein synthesis.
Thermal and oxidative effects were determined by HPLC after incubation at 37[degress]C on a collagenous substrate for vitamin A and on glass for resveratrol.