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relating to or consisting of collagen


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In 1996, it was renamed as collagenous fibroma, which seemed more appropriate to describe its histological features and reflect its benign prognosis.
Uncomfortable loads in flexion along with the previous translation and the time factor can be a cause of distortion or damage of any spinal collagenous structures.
The edge of lesion was grasped with corneal forceps and lesion was separated from underlying collagenous stroma by careful dissection.
Nonneoplastic lesions with intraluminal secretions include pseudolactational hyperplasia, cystic hypersecretory hyperplasia, collagenous spherulosis, and fibrocystic changes.
In contrast to an angiomyolipoma, which is composed of blood vessels, smooth muscle cells, and adipocytes, an angiofibrolipoma shows a different combination of elements; namely, a combination of mature adipocytes and blood vessels with dense collagenous tissue (as in our case) (3).
It showed a moderately cellular smear with mononuclear cells, osteoclast-like multinucleate giant cells in a background of collagenous stromal fragments, chronic inflammatory cells, occasional foamy macrophages, and cholesterol clefts--the findings suggestive of giant cell tumor of tendon sheath.
Between these two cellular layers is the gelatinous coenenchyme--equivalent to the cnidarian mesoglea--containing thin-walled gastrodermal canals termed solenia, calcite sclerites, and some collagenous fibers (Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001).
Standard sections revealed a cellular process including giant cells and mononuclear stromal cells within a collagenous matrix (Figure 3(a)).
But my doctor told me not to take it because I have Collagenous Colitis.
Neoplasms of connective tissue originate from poorly differentiated fibroblasts and can produce collagenous (fibroma/fibrosarcoma) or mucinous (myxoma/myxosarcoma) stroma.
Yankel Gabel, said that the bones grew stronger because the compound enhances "the maturation of the collagenous matrix," in the bone, "which provides the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue.
A synergistic enhancement of collagenous protein synthesis by human gingival fibroblasts was found when these cells were simultaneously exposed to nifedipine and interleukinlb (IL1b), a proinflammatory cytokine that is elevated in inflamed gingival tissues.
Mechanical evaluation and design of a multilayered collagenous repair biomaterial.