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a fibrous scleroprotein in bone and cartilage and tendon and other connective tissue

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In addition to crosslinking, reinforcement of the collagen matrix can be achieved by incorporating biopolymers such as chitosan that can be crosslinked with collagen fibrils [62-64].
Effects of training on collagen fibril populations in the suspensory ligament and deep digital flexor tendon of young thoroughbreds.
The collagen fibrils deposited predominantly in the mesangium reveal unusual features ultrastructurally (Figures 10, A and B).
11) These collagen fibrils not only provide a surface for platelet adhesion, but also serve as a strong stimulus for platelet activation, which includes secretion of thromboxane A2 and ADP into the circulation.
Nucleation sites are found within or associated with extracellular collagen fibrils (27-29).
Like suspension cables on a bridge that sway to absorb forces that might otherwise disrupt the main structure, collagen fibrils within bone are made up of strings of alternating collagen molecules and hydroxyapatite crystals that are connected by weak chemical bonds within the strings and between them.
Thusly treated intertubular dentin surfaces comprise a hydrated layer of exposed collagen fibrils that are substantially attached to underlying mineralized dentin.
The membrane is coated with collagen fibrils and one of activators epinephrine or ADP (adenosine diphosphate).
The reduction of the neovasculature and the organization of collagen fibrils in dermis observed in our tissue specimens suggest that fraction C accelerates, more than fraction D, the process of remodelling, essential for a quick wound repair.
Particles were localized within epithelial and endothelial cells, within fibroblasts and between collagen fibrils in the connective tissue, within blood capillaries, and even within RBCs (Figure 1).
The machine churned out fibers 20 to 500 nanometers in diameter-approximately the same width as natural collagen fibrils.
Spindle cell lipomas and fibrolipomas are morphologically similar because both have a stroma rich in collagen fibrils.
2:10 "Analysis of scleral collagen fibrils in normal and lumican-deficient mice.
Firstly, a small proportion of P3NP is incorporated into newly synthesized soft tissue collagen fibrils, so that its concentration in serum may partially reflect the soft tissue collagen degradation that occurs during tissue modeling.