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The organizing 'voice' in collage films is decentered or split between an enunciative trace in the original footage--encompassing both stylistic features and material residues of production such as film stock, speed of shooting, and aspect ratio--and an agency of knowledge manifest in the overall text through editing, the application of sound, titles, and so on.
But more lyricism and design in the editing would have been welcome, and would have made for a more poetic, cinematic experience, possibly in the tradition of Godfrey Reggio's collage films ("Koyaanisqatsi" et al).
More egregiously, Moon makes no mention of Cornell's collage film Rose Hobart, which had a profound effect on, among others, Jack Smith.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The upcoming Festival on Wheels will present a special section devoted to films by independent US filmmaker Larry Jordan, best known for his animated collage films.
This is especially true of his collage films, whose formal ingenuity is matched by their anarchic humor.
He soon began reworking stock footage into stunning collage films harshly critical of contemporary culture (Very Nice, Very Nice and Free Fall).
Incorporating some one hundred works, the show includes VanDerBeek's earliest Beat-inspired paintings and collages, his well-known collage films, his lesser known multiscreen works, and pieces that harness technologies such as primitive computer animation systems and fax machines.