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a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image

any collection of diverse things

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Bearden also had the collages photographed and blown up large scale in black and white on Photostat paper.
Today, collage is considered an important medium for artistic expression.
We've reinvented the collage business with this revolutionary concept," said Tim Charon, senior vice president of sales and marketing.
Collage Dance Theatre carries special-event insurance, a point that invariably arises during negotiations.
Pru added: "It's lovely to see all the different textures on the collage.
The unique tool gives iPhone, iPad[R] and iPod Touch[R] users the ability to capture images and create photo collages of items that inspire them, like colors, unique spaces, fabrics and art.
On the other flip top management of collage is trying to approach the court to save students future.
I introduced the art of "assemblage" to the class, showing students several, and highlighting the similarities and differences between collage and assemblage.
The collage maker also includes a set of tools to decorate collage such as stylish masks and funny clipart inside the app and with the option of importing from local folder.
Said, Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi, founder and Director of Delhi Collage of Art, "it gives me immense pleasure to see how far we have come over the past decade.
In his most recent work, the series "Ur-Collagen" (Ur-Collages), 2008, he returns to the most basic form of the collage as a constellation of two images.
Left, Jhanez Lawrence works on making her collage with paper and glue.
com) has introduced a new version of its Web content management (WCM) solution, Merant Collage 4.
One of the greatest practitioners of collage art for popular advantage--that is, to tell the truth--was the German collagist Heartfield, who actually pulled Hitler's tail during the waning years of democracy in Germany.
I love collage as an art teacher because it's part drawing, part painting with colored paper, and found materials.