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working together toward a common end

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accomplished by collaboration

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Mr Davis said the issue was raised at the recent COAG Health Council meeting at which the Commonwealth, states and territories agreed to work collaboratively on medicinal cannabis.
For matters to go ahead collaboratively, both parties have to have collaboratively trained lawyers.
The researchers focused on how students' motivation to learn, as well as their interest and performance in math, was affected by playing a math video game either individually, competitively, or collaboratively.
In mid-January, our members directed AHIP to establish several advisory councils to reach out to beneficiary groups, pharmacy organizations and physicians with the goal of working collaboratively to simplify administrative processes in the Medicare prescription drug program and, where possible, create uniform administrative procedures.
Such skills included learning to be assertive, to communicate effectively with others, to work with others collaboratively, to accept constructive feedback, and to seek information appropriately.
The four centers have been sampling and analyzing floodwaters from New Orleans, and received $150,000 in National Science Foundation "rapid response" funding to collaboratively investigate the health of Lake Pontchartrain, into which 100 billion liters of New Orleans floodwater has been pumped.
Collaboratively held by AFS and the North American Die Casting Assn.
It's whether the IRS would not have achieved more by proceeding collaboratively rather than simply issuing a "Thou Shalt.
Tidebreak's TeamSpot is designed as a digital infrastructure for physical environments where student teams work collaboratively while using digital resources.
The center was established collaboratively by the OFPP, Defense Acquisition University, Federal Acquisition Institute, civilian agencies and industry representatives, associations and organizations, in accordance with the Service Acquisition Reform Act, Section 1431 (b).
7 million Cooperative Research and Development Agreement calls for DuPont and the NREL to collaboratively develop, build, and test a bio-refinery pilot process that will make fuels and chemicals from the entire corn plant--including the fibrous material in the stalks, husks, leaves, and the starchy material in the kernels.
Developed collaboratively by the states and the AICPA, the ads continue the theme of "America Counts on CPAs," the successful message incorporated in a prior print ad campaign (The CPA Letter, June).
While Mullinax's office is generally well regarded by the school board for shining a spotlight on wide-ranging problems in the district, Chief Operating Officer Timothy Buresh recently publicly accused Mullinax of ``implementing fear'' and not working collaboratively with management.
The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care also agreed to work collaboratively with the groups to improve access to the drugs listed in the January 30th media materials.
Likewise, many of these applications are collaboratively developed across the world--and the products are often fully international-ready, both in the handling and storage of data and in the client-side presentation.
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