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working together toward a common end

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accomplished by collaboration

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If your organisation would like to look at working collaboratively with us, please email jennypaton@ageukwirral.
Shanghai University China, to collaboratively offer a 'Master of Finance'program between IBA Karachi and Shanghai University China, it was further pointed out.
Mr Davis said the issue was raised at the recent COAG Health Council meeting at which the Commonwealth, states and territories agreed to work collaboratively on medicinal cannabis.
For matters to go ahead collaboratively, both parties have to have collaboratively trained lawyers.
The researchers focused on how students' motivation to learn, as well as their interest and performance in math, was affected by playing a math video game either individually, competitively, or collaboratively.
Data conversion and signal conditioning technology provider Analog Devices Inc (Nasdaq:ADI) and semiconductor foundry TSMC (TWSE:2330)(NYSE:TSM) announced on Tuesday a collaboratively developed analogue process technology platform for precision analogue integrated circuits (ICs).
The updated and expanded second edition of Historical Dictionary Of Methodism, is collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Susan E.
As the demand for service increased, students were given an opportunity to collaboratively work along side a peer in order to effectively complete orders.
Collaboratively written especially for herpetologists and other professionals in the field by the team of Gunther Kohler, Milan Vesely and Eli Greenbaum, The Amphibians And Reptiles Of El Salvador covers 130 species representing 88 genera and 30 families.
Immediately after the hurricane, Schwartz asked the center directors to work collaboratively to define the research questions that would surround the effects of the hurricane and the recovery of the population.
Collaboratively held by AFS and the North American Die Casting Assn.
It's whether the IRS would not have achieved more by proceeding collaboratively rather than simply issuing a "Thou Shalt.
Tidebreak's TeamSpot is designed as a digital infrastructure for physical environments where student teams work collaboratively while using digital resources.
The center was established collaboratively by the OFPP, Defense Acquisition University, Federal Acquisition Institute, civilian agencies and industry representatives, associations and organizations, in accordance with the Service Acquisition Reform Act, Section 1431 (b).
Collaboratively, the Parks Department focused on projects that would be a challenge to fund through the capital budget.
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