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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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Randjarv, Laine (2013) "Intellectual occupation and collaborationism in the cultural life of Estonia: reflected in the epistolary communication between Tuudur Vettik and Roland Laasmae".
A fierce debate ensued on Russian art blogs, where anybody with work in any project connected with the biennial was gravely accused of collaborationism.
Judith Keene's nu-anced analysis of the figure of American Prisoner-of-War in the Korean conflict introduces yet another complex and contested category of a historical actor--a special kind of 'contaminated' victim haunted by the spectre of collaborationism, often culturally vilified and distrusted.
Collaborationism with the communist power was even more pronounced and, at any rate, more sincere when, at the end of the sixties and during the seventies and eighties, the official policy of the communist regime imposed limits within the usable national culture, with the accompanying propagandistic exaggeration and falsification.
As there were myriad levels of French resistance, so there were many varieties of Vichy behaviour, running (crudely put) from overt collaborationism with the Germans, to weathervane middlingness or a prudent biding of time for a 'conversion', to 'Vichy Resistance' from the get-go.
Certainly, many of these constructions have not been developed without the collaborationism of specific theoretical-practical positions in Labor Psychology, and at the same time they have not stopped producing practical consequences in terms of organizational utility, social utility and authority utilization.
For example, many of the young men who had volunteered to work in Germany under Vichy's Service du Travail Obligatoire program later faced accusations of collaborationism.
Against the class collaborationism of Social Democracy and its anti-Communist animus, the Councilist tradition was revolutionary and pre-figural.
During the wars of independence, he was accused of collaborationism with both Monarchist and Independentist.
Yet with so little attention paid to African literature in Spanish and with so few examples of the phenomenon even in existente, it would be a disservice to exclude the book from discussion even if it presented a case of clear-cut collaborationism.
Occupation scholar Christopher Lloyd writes "Denoel enthusiastically leapt on to the bandwagon of anti-Semitic collaborationism by launching a series with German backing on "Les Juifs en France," as well as publishing collaborationist pamphlets by Celine and Rebatet" (170).
Right-wing thinkers embraced the cult of Joan: Robert Brasillach, who was to be shot for collaborationism in 1945, edited a version of her trial; Paul Claudel, the diplomat and poet who dedicated odes to both Petain and de Gaulle, wrote the opera-oratorio Jeanne d'Arc au bucher (Joan of Arc at the Stake); and the Catholic writer Georges Bernanos even married Jeanne Talbert d'Arc, descended from Joan's family.
The predomination of the exit-form in the domestic sphere did not exclude collaborationism either, for example in the case of a representative of the nomenclature who, by his loyalty to the power obtained the right to live a "second life" in the private sphere.
To correct the evils caused by the Holocaust, to avoid repeating the tragic errors perpetrated by Soviet Communism, German Nazism, Italian Fascism, and French Collaborationism, European countries have adopted democratic constitutions.
She, too, is interested in the various paths which led to collaborationism, which in some cases originated in a desire for state collaboration, but in other instances derived from germanophile pacifism.
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