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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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Development of national culture and/or collaborationism
Concerning the relationship of Estonian creative figures and collaborationism, we can say that many Estonian artists and scientists had chosen the path of conditional collaborationism.
As we have already said, the subject of collaborationism is sensitive and extremely delicate and no individual under observation should be judged without studying the databases and archival material in depth.
In a certain sense, the sole fact of living during annexation could be considered collaborationism.
When introducing the analysis of the conflict under study, it is very difficult to decide if we can speak about collaborationism or conformism with the regime, or if this is a weird mix typical of the repressive Soviet era.
It actually turns out that Latvian historians have also only dared to analyse collaborationism during the German occupation, not in the context of the lengthy Soviet annexation.
Discussions on the questions of collaborationism in the West reached a pinnacle in 1969-1970 and the phenomenon was getting viewed in an increasingly negative light (Taagepera 1978:99)'
The issue of collaborationism in the context of Estonian history has also never been dissected honestly and factually.
Heinrihs Strods explained that collaborationism can be assessed only against the historical background of the country--how the tyranny of diverse regimes interlace, how the local peoples were mocked and exploited for practical purposes by the ferocious regimes of the two neighbouring countries, but also the sympathies and antipathies deriving from the ethnic origin which also could have triggered the murderous destruction of so many people (Strods 2004:82).
Secondly, the political phenomena of collaborationism and conformism in Estonia during the Soviet annexation period were marked by an ideological pressure from the Communist Party.
The predomination of the exit-form in the domestic sphere did not exclude collaborationism either, for example in the case of a representative of the nomenclature who, by his loyalty to the power obtained the right to live a "second life" in the private sphere.
To correct the evils caused by the Holocaust, to avoid repeating the tragic errors perpetrated by Soviet Communism, German Nazism, Italian Fascism, and French Collaborationism, European countries have adopted democratic constitutions.
She, too, is interested in the various paths which led to collaborationism, which in some cases originated in a desire for state collaboration, but in other instances derived from germanophile pacifism.
A woman who has been through the war, through both collaborationism and the concentration camps, and has been clever enough to find all the right answers, comes to a point where she finds herself lost in a maze.
We could call the activity of this Intellect collaborationism.
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