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Synonyms for collaborate

Synonyms for collaborate

to work together toward a common end


Synonyms for collaborate

work together on a common enterprise of project

cooperate as a traitor

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A required posting at every office where the APRN is authorized to prescribe and a prominently displayed disclosure statement informing patients that they may be seen by an APRN and have the right to see the collaborating physician;
Based in the iVia system, it expands beyond iVia considerably by creating an array of independent, though federated, collection-building systems for collaborating projects with the goal of generating the basic "ore" (links to important Internet resources and associated metadata records and rich full text) for these projects.
The SWCOEH experience in Colombia serves as a model of how the research training of one foreign scientist can have a synergistic effect on education and public health in a collaborating country.
Voted "Best of the Web" for collaboration tools by BusinessWeek magazine, Central Desktop for AppExchange is ideal for managing projects, deploying professional services, organizing complex sales and business development deals or simply collaborating with customers outside the firewall.
We are pleased to be collaborating with picoChip, a leader in enabling the femtocell market," said Gary Sarson, vice president of business development for Kineto Wireless.
CorInnova Incorporated - an early stage medical device company, developing and commercializing heart assist technologies that lead to heart recovery rather than replacement, was awarded $500,000, collaborating with the Research Valley Partnership.
Since 1954, PolyVision has focused on creating products and services that inspire users to be more productive, effective and creative when collaborating and communicating visually.
Improving procurement not only means buying cheaper, but also having a sound technological infrastructure to support designing faster, collaborating earlier, sourcing smarter and operating more efficiently.
Cadence is collaborating with all leading foundries to provide a comprehensive set of options to design engineers," said Jan Willis, senior vice president, Industry Alliances, at Cadence.
Sending, storing and collaborating with electronic documents and digital media securely and reliably using smart phones, PCs and other wireless devices can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.
Nanosys has identified numerous growth-strong application fields for its technology and is collaborating with excellent partners such as Intel, Sharp and the US government.
It is expected that these collaborating sites will use the PCT SPS for approximately three to six months, and that they will apply the PCT technology to the development of methods for the rapid detection and identification of bioterror agents and infectious diseases, in human genetics, and as a potential front-end instrument to downstream proteomic and genomic identification and detection technologies.
We are excited to see IT leaders collaborating to assure interoperability across the industry and address customers' need for improved manageability.