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Synonyms for collaborate

Synonyms for collaborate

to work together toward a common end


Synonyms for collaborate

work together on a common enterprise of project

cooperate as a traitor

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AKRON, Ohio -- Pioneers Collaborate on Radical New Coatings for the Automotive, Metal, Plastics and Electronics Industries
Innovent collaborates with early stage entrepreneurs, offering expertise and resources to clarify the opportunity behind their visions and accelerate the process between concept development and commercialization, within a framework of mutual trust.
Karo Bio generally collaborates with major pharmas from early drug discovery through clinical trials but also takes the opportunity to bring products to the clinic before partnering.
For the Texas Health System in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is installing VTEL's SmartLink and TC1000(tm) and LC5000(tm) group videoconferencing systems at hospitals throughout north Texas, the full-screen Collaborates feature was key to a successful deployment.
NASDAQ:VSVR) the leading provider of multimedia conference servers (MCS), unveiled at Telecon today its Collaborates technology delivering maximum audio and video throughput for high-end and desktop conferencing systems.
Collaborate, an award-winning integrated brand agency, conceived the creative and developed it in partnership with Pandemonium and Western Images, all of San Francisco.