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7-9] Computed tomography of the abdomen sometimes reveals an "accordion pattern": broad transverse bands of closely spaced haustral fold edema This has not been described in other colitic diseases.
Moreover, the beneficial effect of AFC in the colitic mice could also be associated with the normalization of the expression of MUC-2 and ZO-1, which are important for the intestinal epithelial integrity.
Suzuki, "Supplemental naringenin prevents intestinal barrier defects and inflammation in colitic mice," Journal of Nutrition, vol.
To prepare colitis in wild-type mice, the mice were randomly divided into 5 groups: normal control and TNBS-induced colitic control groups treated with vehicle, neomangiferin (10 or 20 mg/kg), or sulfasalazine (50 mg/kg).
Dysplastic polyps in colitic mucosa that are sessile and have distinct borders and a smooth, dome-shaped surface are referred to as adenoma-like dysplastic polyps.
2011) has investigated soyasaponin Ab anti-inflammatory effects in 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced colitic mice and LPS-stimulated peritoneal macrophages, and the authors concluded that soyasaponin Ab may ameliorate colitis by inhibiting the binding of LPS to TLR4 on macrophages.
Villous dysplasia: an ominous histologic sign in colitic patients.