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a bacteriophage that infects the bacterium Escherichia coli

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Somatic coliphage in DSE and soil leachates were enumerated using a soft agar overlay method (ISO 1995).
TOGS 9000 model will be a method for the enumeration of total Coliphage virus in fresh water testing.
An enrichment step was performed on samples that were negative by DAL procedure to amplify the number of coliphage in the samples.
Levels of fecal coliforms, Escherichia coil, male-specific coliphage, and norovirus genogroups I and II were determined.
Enhanced recovery of airborne T3 coliphage and pasteurella pestis bacteriophage by means of a presampling humidification technique.
Similarly, removal of somatic coliphage from waters passing through the Davenport facility was used to approximate a distribution of treatment efficiency with respect to culturable viruses.
coli and Bacillus subtilis spores can act as surrogates for specific microorganisms: MS2 coliphage for human enteric viruses such as Coxsackie, Norwalk and Polio; E.
MS2 coliphage compared to a dose of 120 mWs/cm2 required by the
coli, and a laboratory strain of somatic coliphage ([PHI]X174).
Human adenoviruses and coliphage in urban runoff-impacted coastal waters of southern California.
coliphage, an enteric viral surrogate, to their greatest levels from late November through January, and noted three factors for the phenomenon that shellfish-associated viral illness frequently occurs in winter: (1) the level of prevalence of enteric viral pathogens in wastewater is higher in winter; (2) viral pathogens can survive in the estuarine environment for a longer period in winter; and (3) the ability of shellfish to selectively accumulate viruses becomes greater in winter.
Four wells were positive for total coliforms, and two were coliphage positive.