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Although numerous mechanisms have been proposed to account for global patterns of influenza seasonality, distinguishing the causal relationships from colinear and confounding associations has proved overwhelming.
Consider Figure 2(a), given any fixed non-vertical scenario KLMI, we move the point Q so that Q, M and E are colinear, then N = I and we have the scenario of Figure 2(b).
To construct the stereo camera, the researchers positioned the two IR LED cameras side by side, such that the two focal rays of the lenses are parallel and perpendicular to the stereo baseline, and the image planes of both lenses are colinear.
This is because the CIFP and EIU models are very strongly colinear with all the other models.
Two colinear "mouseholes" located at opposite ends capture each main duct passing through the handhole.
To compare the orientations of two unit vectors, it is convenient to compute their scalar product: when the two vectors u and v are almost colinear (resp.
However, all temperature parameters are colinear with latitude, and TM-m is significantly correlated with altitude (Table 5).
Additional analyses (not shown) confirmed the study variables were not colinear with the MCHB's definitions.
f](t, [omega]) are colinear for almost all (t, [omega]) [member of] [0, [1/2]) x [0, 1).
ki] may be highly colinear making it difficult to separately identify [[beta].
WEPH-1: Compact Colinear End-launcher for Rectangular Waveguides
Both the force platform and visual enclosure could be rotated about an axis colinear with the ankle joints, in direct proportion to anteroposterior sway, to manipulate visual and somatosensory information giving inaccurate orientation information.
Small bransonid with prominent rostrum; rostral face produced, convex; rostrum and hinge axis not colinear with rostrum angled dorsally at 27 degrees; inner shell layer with relatively coarse costae; outer shell layer missing except for rostra[ face fragment showing fine comarginal lirae; anterior portion of shell incomplete: ventral gape not visible.
Fifth is the addition of a four-axis alignment device to ensure the drive system and the measurement system are colinear.
Originals: acrolein, arecolin, Caroline, Colerain, colinear, coraline (OED), Cornelia, creolian, encorial, lonicera, Naclerio (London telephone directory 1967), oil crane (Web3), relacion.