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Therefore, it is not possible to control for an "era" effect, as these two variables are colinear.
Small bransonid with prominent rostrum; rostral face produced, convex; rostrum and hinge axis not colinear with rostrum angled dorsally at 27 degrees; inner shell layer with relatively coarse costae; outer shell layer missing except for rostra[ face fragment showing fine comarginal lirae; anterior portion of shell incomplete: ventral gape not visible.
Fifth is the addition of a four-axis alignment device to ensure the drive system and the measurement system are colinear.
Originals: acrolein, arecolin, Caroline, Colerain, colinear, coraline (OED), Cornelia, creolian, encorial, lonicera, Naclerio (London telephone directory 1967), oil crane (Web3), relacion.
Factor analysis was used to sort out and create i ndices of colinear variables, in order to enhance modeling of the hypotheses.
a leading electronic Payment processor with a focus on turnkey payment solutions for customer-not-present merchants, and CoLinear Systems, Inc.
Perfectly colinear variables are then combined into logically associated groups (e.
said Scott Weaver, vice president software development, CoLinear Systems, Inc "I was very pleased at how well WebApp Server "snapped in" to our existing IIS and ASP technology.
a]) can be calculated by multiplying by a geometric factor (2 [Pi] a for the equally spaced set of 4 colinear electrodes used in the Wenner array).
The colinear hoe is the hoe of choice for Eliot Coleman.
Restriction site mapping indicates that all of the grass cpDNAs sampled here are colinear with respect to the 27 kb and 6.
First, the generally colinear nature of the variables used in the model could lead to singularity in the estimation process and cause the estimated coefficients to become statistically insignificant.
However, this variable may be highly colinear with a number of other variables, like urbanisation, literacy, and health expenditure.