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inflammation of a breast (or udder)

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Coliform mastitis is the most prevalent form of clinical mastitis in the dairy industry and is mainly caused by the Escherichia coli bacterium.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved BANAMINE(R) (flunixin meglumine) for controlling pyrexia (fever) associated with acute mastitis, pneumonia and endotoxemia, as well as controlling the inflammation in endotoxemia such as that caused by coliform mastitis.
For the cattle industry, Merial provides a broad line of dairy and beef animal health products including: EPRINEX(R) (eprinomectin); IVOMEC(R) PLUS (ivermectin/clorsulon); IVOMEC(R) POUR-ON (ivermectin); CYSTORELIN(R) (gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate); CORID(R) (amprolium); plus RELIANT(R) and RESPISHIELD(TM) brand respiratory disease vaccines, J-VAC(R) coliform mastitis vaccine, TRIVACTON(R) 6 for neonatal diseases of calves and MILOXAN(R) against clostridial diseases.
Standard therapies haven't been successful in relieving symptoms and reducing mortality from acute coliform mastitis," Paape says.