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Synonyms for colicky

suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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A new study has good news for parents of colicky babies.
Your period is late and you have severe colicky pain down in the left lower part of your abdomen.
Three days later, she complained of colicky abdominal pain and hematochezia, and an intussusception was diagnosed by performing imaging.
Severe periumblical colicky pain was present in small intestinal obstruction (81%) compared to acute caecalvolvulus (19%).
It is caused by an increase in synthesis and release of prostaglandins, particularly PGF2 from the uterine endometrium, resulting in contraction of smooth muscles in adjacent tissues leading to colicky pains, spasmodic pain in lower abdomen and lower back pain.
To combat fussy, colicky infants, Little Remedies, a brand of Tarrytown, N.
An example would be when I had to use a remedy called nux-v (nux vomica) or poison nut to help heal a colicky horse.
Anyone who has had a colicky baby knows the kind of ordeal I am talking about.
His first literary text was published in 2002 and discusses the music of Neil Young and its therapeutic effect on his three-month-old colicky child while weaving in stories from his own life.
It's down here, wiping a runny nose, playing yet another round of Candyland, or rocking a colicky baby at two in the morning.
Symptoms experienced by the host with GIT involvement include colicky abdominal pain, either in the hypogastrium or RIF.
He was a demanding, colicky baby, but nonetheless the apple of his mother's eye, with his impish sense of humor, and his "why-were-they-wasted-on-a-boy?
On 8th post-operative day he presented with history of sudden onset colicky upper abdominal pain and vomiting.
2011;60:34-36), we summarized a 2010 double-blind randomized controlled trial (RCT) that found the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 reduced daily crying time in colicky, exclusively breastfed infants.
Not only does this sound promising for direct therapeutic interventions for preemies, imagine extending that knowledge so that all parents would know exactly how to soothe a colicky baby