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any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowers

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For perfect coleus, pinch the blue flowers as soon as they appear.
6 COLEUS ROSE KONG Great indoors or for sheltered spots.
Paradise 'Orchid' with 'Illustris' colocasia, lime green coleus, and 'Purple Ruffles' heuchera
Among the fall trees on a colorful leafy carpet, a simple, antique French table with a rustic setting abounds with log rounds for placemats and vintage china with muted scenes placed among ferns, various varieties of colorful leafy coleus, goldenrod, Artemisia, pumpkins, fruits, and berries.
Dalbok and Pruett constructed a metal frame and wove vertical grow strips from Plants On Walls in and out of the grid before filling them with more than 600 plants, including shade-loving coleus, heuch-era, and calibrachoa.
Key elements of this "proprietary cosmeceutical blend" include policosanol, derived from sugar cane; coleus oil, a minty ingredient similar to tea tree oil; monolaurin, the popular coconut oil; and vitex oil, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.
He likes to create unusual combinations, such as a strawberry tub with coleus plants that made a huge ball of colour.
Coleus forskholii is a shrub of the Lamiaceae family, used as an ayurverdic medicinal plant.
Other new varieties include some sun loving Coleus, Cora Red vinca and more Fuseables petunias.
ON a sunny doorstep, create a warm welcome for visitors with an arrangement of terracotta pots filled with fiery-leaved Coleus, red geraniums and the goldenleaved sedge evergold or Euonymus emerald 'n' gold, interwoven with masses of marigolds.
Literature review revealed that no report is available on the chemical composition of the essential oil of Coleus aromaticus from this region.
I have a coleus plant which I planted in my garden and it is growing like crazy.
From popular antioxidants like green tea to less common herbs like Coleus forskohlii, Bruno introduces alternative therapies, tells the reader why they may be effective by citing scientific studies, and even offers dosing information.
If you choose to go the route of planting with grasses, you can bring additional pizazz to your slope by inserting, here and there, perennial shade-loving begonias, such as 'Dragon Wing,' as well as coleus, which is grown for its kaleidoscopic foliage.