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basically shredded cabbage


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Instead of the Reuben's corned beef and sauerkraut, Rachel is loaded with 100% whole turkey breast meat and creamy coleslaw.
Evenly divide beef slices, coleslaw and tortillas among biscuits.
Coleslaw is an example of another approach to dealing with the threat of HCAs, which is to reduce harm by inactivating and eliminating them after ingestion.
Scotty Brand Sweet Chilli & Cranberry Coleslaw - cabbage, carrot and cranberries are mixed together with a variety of spices to create this mouthwatering recipe that offers an alternative twist to the traditional version.
Howard Pritchett, good friend of Thomas who died from cancer last year, offered a bowl of coleslaw to connections before removing it from their grasp.
The coleslaw, he said, was far too creamy for his palate.
Officers paid routine and follow-up visits and found Tesco Healthy Living creamy coleslaw described as "homemade" coleslaw, and bought, fully baked farmhouse loaves described as home-baked bread.
A TUB of Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw has more fat than the chicken or the fries, food watchdogs say.
Tuesday: Pork chop, sweet potatoes, broccoli, coleslaw, applesauce.
The coleslaw is as tame as Great Britain's favorite vegetable: boiled-until-pale peas.
Out of stocks: luxury coleslaw, sausage rolls, own label French baton, Johnson's Baby Lotion
Honey & mustard lamb kebabs with fennel coleslaw