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basically shredded cabbage


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2 -- color) no caption (ingredients for coleslaw and potato salad)
4 tablespoons vinegar * 1 tablespoon sugar * Salt and pepper, to taste * 2 cups coleslaw vegetable mix of shredded cabbage and carrots Preparation In a medium bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.
Use leftover coleslaw for other lunches Prawn noodles Toss together cooked dried noodles, chopped cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced spring onions and cooked peeled prawns.
Two Whole Chickens BBQ chickens with 1kg of fries, nachos, beans, coleslaw, chunky chips, and onion rings.
Inspectors found out-of-date food, including a container of mouldy coleslaw, unlabelled salmon steaks which were liquefying and a bowl of dried up 'fresh' whipped cream.
They included a quantity of out-of-date food, including a container of mouldy coleslaw, unlabelled salmon steaks which were liquefying, and a bowl of dried up 'fresh' whipped cream.
Serves: 4 people Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes YOUR ALDI SHOPPING LIST 4 Tortilla Wraps1 pack Chicken Mini Fillets 1/2small Red Onion 1/2 Iceberg Lettuce 150g Reduced Fat Coleslaw 150g Reduced Fat Houmous A little Olive Oil Black Pepper METHOD 1 Pre-heat the oven to 200degC/400degF/Gas Mark 6.
Among the international delicacies on offer are Portuguese chicken with sweet potato fries, coleslaw and a choice of salads; the Greek Zeus box of marinated lamb lollipops with tie-in salads and the Japanese Katzu box, comprising breaded chicken with katzu sauce, infused brown rice and wasabi coleslaw.
To prepare Slaw, combine coleslaw mix, bell pepper, green
Consider the foods with which coleslaw is commonly served: barbecued meats of any sort, but particularly barbecued chicken and also fried chicken, especially fish and chips, and of course part of the recipe on Reuben sandwiches with pastrami.
Scotty Brand Smokey BBQCheese Coleslaw--this traditional salad with a mix of cabbage and carrot has added ingredients of cheese and spices to create a distinctive creamy choice of coleslaw.
But if it's baby-back ribs with a side of coleslaw they're after, they won't need to travel so far anymore.
DEEP SOUTH PULLED PORK SLIDERS WITH BUTTERMILK COLESLAW DONAL says: "The slow cooking of this cheaper cut results in spectacularly tender meat which slapped between a soft floury bap with buttermilk coleslaw is truly a thing of beauty.
SAVE: 94p Extra Special Taw Valley Cheddar and Apple Coleslaw (280g), was pounds 1.