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It is not surprising how important orthopterans were found to be in the diet, but it is surprising how relatively unimportant abundant groups such as coleopterans and arachnids were found to be to the lizards' diet overall when compared to other studies.
The large numbers of formicids would be consumed largely because these insects often are smaller than insects such as coleopterans.
grammicus for both populations and sexes was similar with a tendency to specialize on coleopterans and hymenopterans (ants).
Wood (1982) also cited the coleopteran families Cleridae, Colydiidae (= Zopheridae), Cucujidae, Elateridae, Histeridae, Cybocephalidae, Rhizophagidae (Monotomidae), Staphylinidae, and Trogositidae as reported by Chamberlin (1939) as major predators of Scolytidae.
Of the total of lepidopterans and coleopterans, 65% and 45% were larvae, respectively.
fuscus from New England comprised mostly coleopterans (81% volume) during the summer months, and through meta-analyses concluded that E.
Many pests of stored products are Coleopterans and the most destructive tropical species for cereals belong to the genus Sitophilus and Tribolium [1].
The beetle survey team collected 73 species, representing 19 families of coleopterans.
Terrestrial arthropods that could have made this type of burrow include insects, particularly coleopterans, and their larvae (Bromley and Asgaard 1979; Hasiotis 2002; Schlirf and Uchman 2005).
Yule used data representing the frequencies of genera of different sizes for snakes, lizards, and two Coleopterans (Chrysomelidae and Cerambycinae).
A series of gumfoot threads are attached to the ground in order to catch small terrestrial insects such as ants, small coleopterans, and even collembolans.
In addition, seven species (one pseudoscorpion, one collembolan, one bivalve, one ephemeropteran, and three trichopterans) are removed from the state list; a synthesis of new distributional records are added for two gastropods, one coleopteran, and one amphibian, and changes in nomenclature are provided for three gastropods and two coleopterans.
In Clermont County, OH, coleopterans and hymenopterans were most frequently eaten (Brack and Finni 1987).
Every weekend it was the same absurd, tragic, hellish scene until he saw no alternative: Marcial Mendez got married and settled into Lucia's room, her bed, her sheets, her pillow: An extremely tidy oasis where she was isolated from invasions of arthropods and coleopterans.