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basically shredded cabbage


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Chicken Tenders Platter -- Tender, juicy, breaded and downright delicious, served with Honey Dijon mustard, fries and cole slaw.
Double hot dog, potato wedges, cole slaw, fruit and milk.
Apple Crumb Muffins, Country Cole Slaw, Southwestern Chicken Casserole and more provide a range of dishes and influences for brunch, providing dishes for all seasons and from a range of traditions.
Tiny Tacos is a recipe you'll love, but don't forget Rainbow-Raisin Cole Slaw and Sunrise Lemonade.
And do you like your hot dogs with sauerkraut, cole slaw, or ketchup?
A low-fat cole slaw, broccoli added to pasta or as a side dish, and bok choy added to Chinese stir-fry are just a few ways of upping your intake of I3C.
When made from scratch, picnic staples such as potato salad, macaroni salad, and cole slaw are versatile, tasty, and easy to prepare.
Peanut butter jars, crushed aluminum soda cans, broiler pans, "no parking" signs, styrofoam boxes, cole slaw containers, traffic cones, forks, keys, and even the kitchen sink are a small sampling of the recycled objects he uses to make musical instruments.
Add a green salad or cole slaw, and dinner is ready.
Others might experiment with less common ingredients, such as carrots, cole slaw or egg.
Soul Dog (12/11) - Bob Duenkel Bacon, Collards, Cole Slaw, Pork Rinds, Chipotle BBQ Sauce The Chip-Acabra (12/12) - Eric Lockwood Borracho Beans, Fire Grilled Salsa, Pickled Jalapenos, Tortilla Strips, Cilantro Lime Crema, Shaved Mexican Chocolate Beanie Weenie (12/13) - Margaret Meulman Bacon, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Lays Dill Pickle Chips, Chipotle BBQ Hotness Monster (12/14) - Marissa Deziel Beer Cheese, Veggie Chili, Pickled Jalapenos, Onion Rings, Mecktoberfest Mustard, Crushed Pretzels Baltimore Bird Dog (12/15) *Reigning Champ*- Rico Renzi (last year's winner
It will feature local Dungeness crab with all the accoutrements: pasta, cole slaw, French bread, BJ's ice cream, soft drinks and coffee.
The Friends of the Princeton Firefighters will again put on their chicken barbecue, which will include half a chicken, roasted corn, baked beans and cole slaw for $12.
These golden-fried, supremely crispy fish fillets come served with heaping mounds of French fries and cole slaw.
If I were to make cole slaw without purging, I would slice everything much thinner,'' she adds.