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Antonyms for coldhearted

lacking in sympathy or feeling

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Zoe plays coldhearted assassin Cataleya Restrepo, who witnesses the murder of her parents as a child, in the crime drama.
But many of these coldhearted killers are just plain evil.
Anybody who's not touched by reflective moments like "Bring Love" or the mournful-yet-uplifting title track must be a coldhearted creature indeed.
They can expect as a result, based on an actuary's coldhearted logic, to receive higher pensions in the expectation that they won't be around for too long to claim the money.
He writes, "Conservatives have turned Jesus Christ upside down: from a loving Messiah who hung out with the poor and dispossessed, into a coldhearted monster who only cares for the rich and powerful.
With coldhearted vengeance, Lily kills the killers and then is tracked herself by Lucas Swain, another CIA agent.
Lewandowsky's artistic practice lives by such coldhearted provocations.
Tomorrow they stage Puccini's last masterpiece Turandot, the tale of a coldhearted princess and the man who melts the ice maiden.
However, to dispel at least part of the myth that they're a coldhearted lot, they said the best option is to appeal to a ticketer's better nature: "If folks are nice, I might take their ticket back, " one was heard to say.