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Antonyms for coldhearted

lacking in sympathy or feeling

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He writes, "Conservatives have turned Jesus Christ upside down: from a loving Messiah who hung out with the poor and dispossessed, into a coldhearted monster who only cares for the rich and powerful.
With coldhearted vengeance, Lily kills the killers and then is tracked herself by Lucas Swain, another CIA agent.
Lewandowsky's artistic practice lives by such coldhearted provocations.
The strange attraction of the younger detective to the coldhearted academic can be chalked up more to the detective's long drought of "involuntary celibacy" than to genuine fireworks.
Prosecutor David Dixon said: "He knew he was taking funds from people who lacked capacity or were in grave ill health and we say that was particularly coldhearted, he was callous.
And another age began - the age of every man for himself, looking after number one and coldhearted pragmatism.
In his new guise, Denny wages war on cackling arch-nemesis and coldhearted killer Octopus (Samuel L Jackson), who seems determined to destroy the city and its denizens in his pursuit of immortality, with the help of his scheming secretary Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson) and his gang of genetically-engineered henchmen.
WHEN the jury announced it had decided Scott Peterson should pay for the coldhearted murder of his pregnant wife and unborn son and recommended a death sentence, the crowd outside the courthouse cheered and sobbed.
Tomorrow they stage Puccini's last masterpiece Turandot, the tale of a coldhearted princess and the man who melts the ice maiden.