cold-water flat

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an apartment without modern conveniences

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE - As a little boy, growing up in a cold-water flat in New Jersey, Gregg Reulbach remembers waking up on Christmas morning to the sound of toy trains racing around a track.
All circa 1982, when he was living and working in a seven-room cold-water flat in the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City, near the old Palmolive Factory, one stop on the PATH train from the Twin Towers.
The electricity gets turned off in their cold-water flat, Mae must farm out the kids to better-off relatives (and to Jim's impassioned horror; it's the closest they come to a recognizable domestic disturbance), and, in the film's most heart-tugging sequence, he goes begging to the boxing world fat cats for a handout to keep his family together.
Most memorable effect is a line of trunks transforming from train seats into the tops of the railroad cars themselves, abetted by the masterful lighting of Kevin Adams, who can turn a plain farmhouse or a cold-water flat into a luscious diorama of mood and color.
Incident is never explained, but Zura (Dimitri Svelidze) and his haunted-looking mother (Nina Koberdze) soon move to the relatively large Tbilisi, where they rent a cold-water flat from a gruff Russian.
In a race against time, Riccio photographed the neighborhood and its residents, capturing images of street life, religious festivals, and colorful storefronts along with cellar winemaking sessions, rooftop gardens, and the stark interiors of cold-water flats.
fails to make one chord of twenty cold-water flats.
Thirty-seven percent of America's retirees manage to slip from their cold-water flats and tuna fish diets to go on overseas vacations every year, while 40 percent are too poor to owe any income tax.