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The actions of Matthew Cherry on that day were callous, cold-hearted and utterly selfish.
This is cold-hearted and vicious," said Judge Fox, the Recorder of Middlesbrough.
The 41 year-old blonde who committed one of Britain's most notorious murders has been doing time at Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire - less than an hour's drive from the scene of the cold-hearted killing.
Maybe I'm cold-hearted but I just felt we were doing something very positive.
Much of this success lies in the genius stroke of casting Henry Fonda against type as a cold-hearted killer, not to mention the rest of the fantastic cast.
A cold-hearted crook has been driving around County Durham in a van, picking up items left out for collection by charities.
She discusses the natural and unnatural history, the cold-hearted family of serpents, snakebite, the big constrictors, cobras and kin, and the generation of vipers.
In his new guise, The Spirit wages war against arch-nemesis and cold-hearted killer Octopus (Samuel L Jackson), who seems determined to destroy the city and its denizens in his pursuit of immortality, with the help of punk secretary Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson) and various henchmen.
The motherland we wanted to return to so much was a cold-hearted one.
Because morally, that's what a person should do, but from a cold-hearted business perspective, if the public doesn't perceive you're .
So, for those who desire to attain power and enhance their ability to use it--and especially those who want to protect themselves from cold-hearted domination--The 4B Laws of Power is a must-read.
When the leaders of the GOP Congress disagreed with the president on taxes and the budget, they were cold-hearted bastards who shut the government down in order to protect their rich and powerful friends.
Going where no previous James Bond(TM) game has dared to tread, the upcoming GoldenEye: Rogue Agent(TM) first-person shooter from Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS) breaks all the rules by transporting players to the dark side of the Bond universe to experience life as a high-rolling, cold-hearted villain.
The Cabinet Minister's refusal to meet charities running food banks is a calculated snub by a cold-hearted Tory.
The teen claims Lawson has abandoned her and has called her cold-hearted.