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unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice

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A critical bout of Ferrari failures and questionable wheel-to-wheel antics from a frustrated 30-year-old Vettel only served to sharpen Hamilton's cold-eyed commitment and he says: "It has been a battlefield, but it has been a fantastic experience.
We're told that winning isn't everything, that cheats never prosper, that a desire to win at all costs is the province of cold-eyed, cold-hearted fanatics who have lost sight of the beauty of pure competition.
It is a place of chilling weather, cold-eyed natives and deep, dark and nasty secrets.
Yet the cold-eyed tycoon, together with fellow Dragon Theo Paphitis, has pumped money into a pioneering group that mixes dance and circus skills in stunning performances.
He understands Theo Walcott is a fragile character, Bambi in a world populated by cold-eyed predators.
And, while Podhoretz writes that both the leaders and the populations of the Allied nations exhibited "a cold-eyed singleness of purpose that helped break the will and the back of their enemies," the fact is that the Dresden bombing, which had dubious strategic and psychological value, was hugely controversial at the time.
Monush is knowledgeable, opinionated and sometimes cold-eyed, but rarely cold hearted Elsa Lanchester is "a vibrantly batty actress"; Aldo Ray is "gargle-voiced"; and Zsa Zsa Gabor is "a juicy celebrity, but not an actress of any serious note.
Edward Fox was also the cold-eyed Jackal in The Day of the Jackal (1973), and played Harold Macmillan in A Letter of Resignation to such effect that to many critics he really was the shattered and disillusioned Prime Minister himself.
The White House considered the Clintonites fools for expending political capital on intractable issues like the peace process, opting instead for a cold-eyed disengagement.
Hay juices up the menace of their presence in a European fashion magazine--one wields a blunted baseball bat, another has a razor blade between his teeth--but he loves their cold-eyed heat, and he uses them to redefine elegance.
In his analysis of the strategy of political survival, the cold-eyed Machiavelli writes with scorn of would-be rulers of "nations that never were" and of political situations that have never existed in the real world.
Unsworth again showed cold-eyed accuracy with the penalty and Spurs looked stunned.
The way he switched from a vicar to a cold-eyed killer showed he is a master of his craft.
gives us a cold-eyed view of the realities of power -- how it was won, how perceived, how contested, and how controlled.
In all her accounts she is scrupulously honest: cold-eyed admissions such as that she has perfected the multimedia artist's abstract caring about "Things.