cold weather

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a period of unusually cold weather

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The Cold Weather Plan for England sets out a series of actions that health and social care organisations, voluntary and community groups, and individuals can take and plan for cold temperatures to help reduce cold-related illnesses and deaths.
This year, windflowers grew early while Turkey hit by cold weather conditions.
On the occasion he educated the cattle owners about seasonal diseases in this chilly cold weather and its negative impact in term of decrease in milk production and fast losing health.
There is now a 90% chance of severe cold weather, icy conditions and heavy snow today in parts of England, says the report.
The Everton-based charity said it had been inundated with clothing and blankets from wellwishers as the cold weather hit.
This article discusses the most common threats to natural gas distribution systems caused by cold weather and identifies the attributes of the most susceptible systems, reported from 1984 through mid-2014.
Public Health England urged people to keep an eye out for vulnerable friends and neighbours during the cold weather.
Have the battery and charging system checked, as cold weather is hard on batteries.
the X-long patrol sleeping bag, intermediate cold weather sleeping bag and bivy cover
Finally, dogs that hunt in cold weather need increased calories to keep them warm, so you can up their food intake by as much as 50 percent, depending upon how much they're working.
The cold weather combined with the rising costs of gas and electric as demand escalates could not have come at a worse time, Anxiety UK said.
Cold Weather Payments may be available to you if you receive certain benefits or have a child who is disabled or under the age of five.
Following predictions of severe cold weather, snow and ice, the Met Office, together with the Department of Health, issued a Level 3 Cold Weather Alert in Yorkshire.
THERE were 24,000 deaths linked to cold weather last winter, new figures show.
PrimaLoft Insulation Technology, the research and development leader in high performance insulations used to enhance combat conditions for soldiers, has announced that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has purchased 8750 additional sets of the USMC Extreme Cold Weather System.