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a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare

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In contrast to other cold warriors, Poole as yet has no biography based on archival documents, although he played an important role in the development of the United States' Soviet policy after 1917/18 and after 1945.
Letting slip his past as a Cold warrior, he hints at a coming, global ideological battle with section titles like "Confucius Versus Jefferson" and "China's Biggest Fear: American Ideas.
Humour is a very cheap cold warrior tactic which carries no weight in democratic thinking.
Also in that same issue is the article "A Cold Warrior in Germany" by Terry "Stony" Burke.
Vatican relations and Pius XIl's role as an exceptionally significant cold warrior.
Kennedy, that quintessential cold warrior who seemingly couldn't wait to invade Cuba, who went to the brink of nuclear annihilation over missiles in our hemisphere and who rolled tanks to the Berlin Wall to face off with communist tanks on the other side, was actually undergoing a deep conversion to peacemaker during his brief tenure as president.
House of War is a polemic against American might and those who have served it, but it is hardly a surprise coming as it does from a one-time Georgetown University "ROTC Cadet of the Year" turned leftist "peacenik priest" (his words) who remains profoundly troubled as the son of an influential if obscure cold warrior.
What good fortune, then, that we have Elizabeth Edwards Spalding's The First Cold Warrior, a sympathetic reconstruction of the geopolitical, historical, religious, moral, and philosophical foundations of Truman's approach to the early years of the Cold War.
I'm a reluctantly retired Cold Warrior, not an appeaser.
hadn't flipped in full Cold Warrior mode over Castro.
If the Communists won, it was basically the end of the world as we know it, and it's easy to see why such a rich dramatic background would be difficult for Cold Warrior authors like Forsythe or Fleming to relinquish.
And a strong resolution demanding a swift end to the Iraq war passed with barely a ripple of protest--a far cry from the days when the Federation was a dedicated cold warrior with links to the CIA.
Lane Kirkland was both "a New Dealer and a Cold Warrior," and one of the last of the Cold War liberals.