cold sweat

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the physical condition of concurrent perspiration and chill

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I reeked with cold sweat, and my flesh crawled--I could feel it crawl.
The old man rose from his bed: his forehead bedewed with the cold sweat of fear: and, bending before the child as if she had been an angel messenger sent to lead him where she would, made ready to follow her.
He sat up in bed and a cold sweat broke out upon his brow.
Cold sweat stood out from every pore, there was a great sickness at the pit of Tarzan's stomach.
In her nightmare-ridden sleep it became an accomplished fact, so that she would awake, trembling, in a cold sweat, crying out.
There he stood, reeling drunkenly, dripping with cold sweat.
A cold sweat broke out over my body, and my heart turned sick at the misery of it.
So saying, he almost panted with agitation, and a cold sweat stood upon his forehead.
I stepped back, and was indeed struck with such a surprise that it put me into a cold sweat, and if I had had a hat on my head, I will not answer for it that my hair might not have lifted it off.
I keep waking up in cold sweats and my first thought is how much I miss her.
Wolves' right-back Richard Stearman must have woken up in cold sweats last night after the torment he suffered against him.
Melanie told how "showman" Gerry hid his personal hell from close pals, often waking up in cold sweats suffering from stomach pains and vomiting.
More than 50% of women would take time off for hot and cold sweats while only 37.
KIRSTY Young may be doing a great job injecting youthful vigour into Crimewatch, but Nick Ross is still the man who brings criminals out in cold sweats.
Hot and cold sweats, headaches, waves of nausea, a hacking cough.