cold sweat

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the physical condition of concurrent perspiration and chill

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I reeked with cold sweat, and my flesh crawled--I could feel it crawl.
The old man rose from his bed: his forehead bedewed with the cold sweat of fear: and, bending before the child as if she had been an angel messenger sent to lead him where she would, made ready to follow her.
He sat up in bed and a cold sweat broke out upon his brow.
Cold sweat stood out from every pore, there was a great sickness at the pit of Tarzan's stomach.
In her nightmare-ridden sleep it became an accomplished fact, so that she would awake, trembling, in a cold sweat, crying out.
There he stood, reeling drunkenly, dripping with cold sweat.
A cold sweat broke out over my body, and my heart turned sick at the misery of it.
So saying, he almost panted with agitation, and a cold sweat stood upon his forehead.
I stepped back, and was indeed struck with such a surprise that it put me into a cold sweat, and if I had had a hat on my head, I will not answer for it that my hair might not have lifted it off.
One thing we know Can isn't, though, is a right-back, the player no doubt breaking out in a cold sweat recalling his unhappy spell there last season.
FA chief Greg Dyke should be breaking out in a cold sweat - even if the Premier League couldn't give a hoot.
Her struggles make for a gripping read; and while the likely readers of COLD SWEAT will be fans of James Brown, this audience will come away with truly gripping insights on domestic violence and its aftermath.
Dave Hobday, of Payment processing firm Worldpay, said: "Many shoppers will be breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of heading to the high street on the busiest shopping day of the year.
And if just the thought of giving up your sugary vice causes you to break into a cold sweat, then it's time to take action.
at night in deep cold sweat / dreams she's a sea monster