cold storage

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in a state of abeyance or postponement

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refrigerated storage for preservation

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We have a strong base in Thailand and we have made investments in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia, but this deal with Samudera marks a major milestone in the campaign to grow our presence in Indonesia, initially investing in cold storage businesses, given the currently high demand for cold storage space.
However, around 30 percent of this produce perishes due to lack of adequate cold storage facilities.
Chhindwara: At least 50 students of a private school were on Wednesday hospitalised in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh after they complained of uneasiness following inhalation of ammonia gas which leaked from a cold storage nearby, district authorities said.
14 March 2017 - US-based cold storage and logistics solutions provider Agro Merchants Group has acquired Portugal-based cold storage operator Cold Land SGPS SAk, expanding the company's footprint in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula, the company said.
Adult longevity decreased while sex ratio was female biased in all cases by increasing cold storage duration.
At least half a dozen projects are planned to be set up in the zone for packaging, storage, dehydration etc, with at least one company hoping to start a dates maturing plant and cold storage before the upcoming date palm season.
The gas pipe exploded in a cold storage factory near Badami Bhag an area besides Sabzi Mandi and 83 people fainted due to leakage of toxic ammonia gas while the owner of cold storage escaped from the scene after the incident.
As a result of the takeover of Loop, which is the biggest cold storage player on the US-Mexico border, servicing the imports of fruits and vegetables, Oneida, the largest cold storage business in the Denver metropolitan area, and Millard, the third largest temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics firm in North America, Lineage is able to leverage a network of 102 facilities in 21 US states, the buyer said.
But standard models have an Achilles heel; they perform differently and degrade quicker in cold storage environments.
Tony Lucarelli, executive vice president of Henningsen Cold Storage, Portland.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 2, 2011--CRISIL rates loans of Nigam Cold Storage at D(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
PT Diamond Cold Storage, which was established in 1960, is an embryo of the Diamond Group.
Chill Tent is a new, temporary, portable cold storage room developed by EFM Technologies of Cobham, Surrey.
4 United States Cold Storage (USA) 186,189,862 5,272,310
com)-- Following a $15 million dollar renovation, Meridian Cold Storage streamlined its business operations by upgrading its warehouse management software to Datex FootPrint[R].