cold snap

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a spell of cold weather


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Hayley O'Connor of Ladbrokes said: "A big frost this weekend could see us jingling shorter odds but it takes the first cold snap to kick start the betting.
Met Eireann say the cold snap will last until next Wednesday but cannot forecast accurately beyond that.
Brewed for spring's transition away from the hearty brews of winter to the bright, lighter-bodied beers of summer, Cold Snap is the brewers' take on a Belgian-style white ale made with crisp golden wheat and a lively blend of ten different fruits, flowers and spices.
She described next week's cold snap as "brief", and said temperatures are expected to return to what we are currently having towards the weekend.
In addition to the effects of the cold snap one in five businesses also said they had been negatively impacted by the flooding in 2012.
Those drivers unprepared for the cold snap are advised that more cold weather is likely to come before temperatures increase and driving once more becomes a comfortable and convenient way to travel.
Every year, following cold snaps like the recent one, the company receives hundreds of calls from concerned business and homeowners who have suffered flooding as a result of cracked pipes which have ruptured as the frozen water inside them has begun to thaw.
The cold snap is set to continue into the weekend, with many parts of the UK expected to be covered in up to four inches of snow.
This unbearably cold snap could bring temperatures as low as minus 20C if you believe some of the newspapers.
We have already seen a change in temperatures and this cold snap is likely to continue for several days with more snow possible on Monday.
Although France had to import electricity from its neighbours during the cold snap," notably from Germany, it was able to meet heavy demand on the power sector, demand which was triple the usual seasonal levels.
ROME (TAP) - Italyis set to hold emergency talks aimed at maximising gas supplies to vulnerable households asa cold snap tightened its grip on the country and the death toll rose to 26.
Poland: Europe s vicious cold snap has claimed 62 lives in Poland, with nine new victims in the past 24 hours, police said Monday.
The severe cold snap that hit hard Bulgaria, pushing the mercury down to record lows, will gradually die out by the end of this week, only to be succeeded by heavy snowfalls, forecasts say.
Insurers dealt with pounds 900m of property claims during the month - the highest ever caused by a cold snap.