cold snap

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a spell of cold weather


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But despite the freezing conditions, the cold snap is predicted to be short-lived as temperatures pick up during the middle of next week.
Some tropical and semitropical plants that thrive in controlled environments often perish in a cold snap.
The spokesman added: 'I don't think people should be dusting off their sledges just yet, but it does look like a significant cold snap next week.
The cold snap will be a stark contrast to October which was the hottest since records were first begun.
So if there is no cold snap in December, a flu outbreak may be avoided.
Tom Lyon, uSwitch energy expert, said: "It costs just over PS3 a day on average to heat a home, but during a severe cold snap this could easily rise by PS1 day.
The cold snap is expected to last for much of the next ten to 15 days, but obviously confidence in the forecast declines as we move further ahead.
Snow in the Pennines, as Britain is braced for further falls today following forecasts of a cold snap
Agriculture officials said Saturday it was too early to estimate how extensive damage would be, but some worried it could be more than when a 1998 cold snap destroyed millions of dollars in citrus crops.
Weather forecasters say it will now take a prolonged cold snap to prevent 2006 being the warmest year on record in Britain with this autumn set to be the warmest on record as well.
In Russia, the cold snap has stagnated where there is snow on the ground, the air is cold and there isn't much sunlight so it could continue to linger there for several days.
The cold snap sweeping the country, which has already killed four people, hit Birmingham yesterday and is set to bring snow to the region as temperatures plunge below zero.
For example, while the region's annual electricity usage normally peaks in the summer months, the Cold Snap of January 2004 demonstrated the vulnerability of the region's electricity supply caused by weather-related fuel constraints, especially natural gas, for electricity generation.
After one of the mildest Christmas periods in years, the country is bracing itself for a cold snap which will see temperatures plummet.
DRIVERS were warned yesterday to take extra care on North Wales roads because of the risk of ice patches during the current cold snap.