cold shoulder

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Synonyms for cold shoulder

a deliberate slight

Synonyms for cold shoulder

a refusal to recognize someone you know


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Give it the cold shoulder Hit up your NYE party in this navy velvet dress and you'll be the talk of the celebration for all the right reasons.
Cold Shoulder Blouse with Tie-Shoulder Detail by Krizia x Lisa of BLACKPINK
Take a tip from TV presenter Christine Lampard in this flattering cold shoulder body-con dress from high street giant Marks & Spencer.
BY amber graafland Embellished peasant blouse PS45, embroidered ruffle skirt,PS29, rattan envelope clutch PS22 Frilled cold shoulder blouse PS25, khaki front tie skirt PS25, sunglasses PS125, Karl Lagerfeld specsavers.
Cold Shoulder WHERE did you find the voice to speak?
COLD callers are to get the cold shoulder in Golcar.
COLD Shoulder launch their new single at the Lomax on September 28.
Obama's car Limousine "the Beast" got stuck and was given a cold shoulder by the Queen Elizabeth.
I READ with dismay the article 'Stingy Brits' giving Cupid the cold shoulder at British Club (GDN, February 11).
So don't even think about giving this trend the cold shoulder.
Assad was not the only one giving Olmert the cold shoulder in Paris: Olmert's own foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, reportedly did not speak to Olmert on the flight to Paris and even sat at a distance from him when they were received by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Perhaps having experienced the ticketing cold shoulder, a different approach to the allocation of tickets will be in evidence in the future.
Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory will be well known to fans of the radio, but it's perhaps the Mark Ronson-produced Cold Shoulder and Bob Dylan cover Make You Feel My Love where Adele really comes into her own.
What I cannot understand is that I can't recall a single case of a reporter, newspaper, magazine, or network being hurt by a White House cold shoulder.
But she wasn't prepared to get the cold shoulder from his doctors.