cold fusion

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nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures

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8220;Fusion extensions are more expensive than other hair extension methods offered, but if you want long lasting, natural looking hair, then Microlinks Cold Fusion may be the extensions for you,” further states Ms.
Private conversation in 2002, after his presentation: "Background to Cold Fusion: The Genesis of a Concept" in: Proceedings of the 10th Intercantionl Conference on Cold Fusion, World Scientific, 2006.
Until now, theory and experiment do not go hand in hand, so there is no reproducibility, so Cold Fusion is not recognized yet as an official science.
Marwan noted that many of the presentations suggest that cold fusion is real, with a potential to contribute to energy supplies in the 21st Century.
But dreams die hard, and cold fusion is back in the news this week.
But cold fusion briefly struck such a powerful chord in society that--one is tempted to think 20 years on and with the energy predicament in many ways even worse--the cold fusion story provides some perspective for viewing things now.
You don't have to be a professional Web designer or developer to use Macromedia's Studio MX 2004, which now includes new versions of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, FreeHand MX, and a developer's version of Cold Fusion MX (Windows only).
Cold Fusion Foods began developing the first one in 1999 but didn't get it onto the market until last year.
Voodoo Science is a highly readable expose of headline-catching claims ranging from cancer-causing properties of power lines to homeopathic remedies to cold fusion.
While he doesn't claim that extrasensory perception, unidentified flying objects, Bigfoot, cold fusion, and any other variety of fringe studies is necessarily legitimate, he does claim that many of them might be.
Cold Fusion Foods, a Seattle-based healthy food marketer, has launched what it describes as "the world's first herbally-active and protein enriched frozen juice bars.
Initial acceptance of the possibility of cold fusion quickly changed to skepticism.
Spectra uses the Cambridge, Massachusetts firm's application server Cold Fusion to run the database, which stores documents in xtensible markup language (XML).
The team has proven experience with Cold Fusion, Microsoft Interdev/Active Server Pages, Java, JavaScript, ISAPI, VBScript and HTML.