cold fusion

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nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures

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com)-- As the versatility of hair extensions has moved to a new level in the beauty industry, Blessings Beauty Center in Arlington, Texas has become an professional expert in the use of the newest and most cutting edge hair extension method called Microlinks Cold Fusions.
ERAB, "Report of the cold fusion panel to the Energy Research Advisory Board", Department of Energy, DOE/S-0073: Washington, DC, 1989.
In addition, the theoretical analysis on the process of cold fusion indicates high values of the probability of fusion between deuterons within a micro-crack at room temperature and with impure metals.
The field is now experiencing a rebirth in research efforts and interest, with evidence suggesting that cold fusion may be a reality," Marwan said.
Just because cold fusion has not worked out and most probably never will does not mean the world could not get lucky with something just as good.
In a 1998 recap of cold fusion work to date, Wired magazine reported that in 1994 the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a reputable research organization, had announced results that seemed to confirm the existence of a desktop fusion reaction in experiments.
Cold Fusion reports that the bars are formulated with superior quality concentrated whey proteins "with excellent digestibility" and the right balance of essential and non-essential amino acids needed to optimize your health and performance.
There are still a number of researchers Internationally pursuing cold fusion as a kind of grail, with no clear end in sight.
Spectra uses the Cambridge, Massachusetts firm's application server Cold Fusion to run the database, which stores documents in xtensible markup language (XML).
The team has proven experience with Cold Fusion, Microsoft Interdev/Active Server Pages, Java, JavaScript, ISAPI, VBScript and HTML.
Regarding the first paragraph about professor Lewis' background, I strongly object to your statement that ``A decade ago, he led a team that handily debunked the myth of cold fusion.
In the minds of many American scientists and the press-informed general populace, cold fusion has become almost synonymous with alchemy as an example of delusional science.
NEW YORK -- Cold Fusion Entertainment, an innovative entertainment licensing firm that backs its clients with a fully integrated suite of licensing, marketing and distribution services, and Bendon Publishing International, one of the fastest-growing children's book publishers in the country, announced a three-year licensing agreement today.
Included online are Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCEF-10), held in Cambridge, Mass.