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the front of an advancing mass of colder air


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By Wednesday next week, a strong vortex, followed by a rather well-defined cold front, approaches from the Atlantic so next weekend's weather (6 and 7 September) could offer some anomalous surprises.
Friday will possibly see localised winds gusts of 90 km/hr coupled with passing showers as the cold front moves through these areas.
Cold fronts can ruin a fishing plan faster than almost any other fishing variable.
The snowfall, part of the cold front covering Japan since last weekend, forced the operator of Narita airport near Tokyo to close its two runways to remove snow and two airlines to divert their flights to nearby Haneda airport and Kansai airport in Osaka, western Japan, they said.
The obvious effect of a cold front is the temperature change.
Bird numbers were also compared before and after passage of cold fronts depicted in the publication Daily Weather Maps in addition to Muller's (1977) synoptic categories (U.
THIS hot pair brrr-aved the icy weather yesterday to show how to warm up cold fronts.
The winds came with the passage of shallow cold fronts, rushing ahead from central Washington and the Palouse and the deserts of western Oregon, acting like an enormous bellows that turned valleys into furnaces and side canyons into chimneys.
We usually experience very warm weather and as that is shifted by cold fronts there is always a clash which leads to unsettled weather.
Spring's hottest video game will experience some cold fronts prior to its release.
The other winter dynamic is the succession of cold fronts, which are usually carried by a complex cyclonic circulation, marked by a low pressure core where barometric pressure, at surface level, can go as low as 998 mB.
When the winter cold fronts start blowing out of the northwest it's time for river anglers to duck inside some of the many canal systems in East Central Florida.
One of the strongest cold fronts to hit Japan this winter brought snow Monday along the country's Pacific coast from eastern to western regions, in addition to wide areas on the Sea of Japan side.
The hurricane is expected to turn into a super-storm as it clashes with cold fronts coming from north and west.
These sites were usually on the edge of cold fronts where freshwater remained unfrozen, providing a place for the birds to feed, researchers from Princeton University said.