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protective covering consisting of a wooden frame with a glass top in which small plants are protected from the cold

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You can quickly assemble one or more DIY cold frames with upcycled materials, and then move them around your property to find the best microclimate before you install a more elegant cold frame.
The cold frame does not need a base so can be positioned in a bright location, ideally south facing for the most light on a flat surface.
There will still be a risk to the plants if temperatures drop below 5C, so you can install a simple heated propagator mat at the bottom, or even throw an old carpet over the cold frame box on very cold nights.
Partially open the cold frame during sunny weather.
But by tar the more satisfying, economical and environmentally friendly way to acquire a cold frame is to build your own.
Beside that, below left: Cold frames are built from recycled wood so that the windows on top are tilted to catch the optimum rays.
Plants sheltered in a cold frame are protected from chill winds and rain.
The hoop house and cold frame can also be especially useful as the plants grown indoors mature and are ready to be "hardened off.
The answer is to build a simple cold frame, essentially a bottomless, four-sided box with a glass, plastic or similar transparent cover that allows sunlight to penetrate.
l Sweet peas, right, don't need high temperatures to germinate, a cool light room or sheltered cold frame are ideal.
Move any half-hardy plants from the greenhouse into a cold frame for hardening of f.
Should keep them under a cold frame until big enough to plant out?
Many thanks, Tina Wallman, via email Hi Tina An alternative to a greenhouse is a cold frame - this is a box with a glass or plastic sloping roof that is used to protect plants.
If the soil is too wet, plant cloves in modules individually but keep your module tray in cool conditions, perhaps in a cold frame.