cold fish

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an aloof unemotional person

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You may think Mr Bentley is a grouch, a cold fish or even a heartless self-publicist.
This offer is only good until February 28, after which JAL goes back to slinging out cold fish again and youOll have to smuggle your own greasy treats onboard.
Back then he did not exude any warmth, clearly didn't approve of devolution, probably didn't approve of the PR list system, let alone the voteless by-election system that catapulted him into the Assembly - something of a cold fish out of water.
Just make your "Louie" out of shrimp or crab, or even of bite-size chunks of whatever leftover cold fish you find in your fridge.
boat's always been a cold fish, he tells me his fire escape feels a
ONLY the most hard-hearted republican or a real cold fish would fail to offer William and Kate warmest best wishes for the future.
Not like Madonna, who is a very cold fish and got face lifts to preserve her vanity.
He said Elin was a cold fish and they rarely had sex.
This included her husband and daughter who, if you'd asked my opinion, I would've gladly described as a cold fish and a spoiled brat, respectively.
As the most powerful peer in the land, he's a cold fish who can be amusing, deadpan or chillingly evil.
Her sight restored, Laura kindles a smoldering attraction to the medic and deliberates cheating on her cold fish husband, Fred (Cyril Raymond).
In temperatures that would cause stress fractures in an ornamental brass monkey, the Swedes choose to celebrate with cold fish and Ryvita.
The inventor of plastic eyeglass lenses, Graham was intelligent and inventive, but emotionally a cold fish who neglected his own eight children and kept a list of "Great Men" he had met in his life: Unlike other sperm bankers, Graham didn't pay donors; rather, he wined, dined, flattered, wheedled, and cajoled them into wanting to pass on their gifts.
Reagan a cold fish, but it was impossible to watch her during that week and not admire her courage or feel for her desperate loss.
The android was always a cold fish, poor xxxxx, Till the day someone bumped his mood xxxxx to "xxxxx.