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pink sparkling wine originally from Germany

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Years after Childhood and Dharma Bums broke up, Ebell and Chiasson reconnected in the band Cold Duck, which created its own brand of honky-tonk lounge jazz.
Included in the history is the role Michigan played in the early 1960s in starting the Cold Duck boom that became a fad across the United States and Canada.
The closure can be found on Andre's seven flavors, including Extra Dry, Brut, Spumante, Blush, Cold Duck, Strawberry and Peach Passion.
The line includes extra dry, brut, Spumante, blush, cold duck, strawberry and newly introduced peach-flavored bubblies.
29, the Starlight Bowl presents the Party of the Century with Cold Duck for a Last Chance Millennium Dance.
Do you believe the sales of Cold Duck will continue to decline?
This year may be the high point of the Cold Duck craze as "Wise & Otherwise" reports that Korbel and Great Western have introduced their versions of Cold Duck--with TV ads yet.
Seems that the Wise & Otherwise column has a new one: "I saw my first French Cold Duck the other day.
The Christian Brothers supplied Extra Cold Duck in tenths and splits (twentieths) in time for the holidays.
O'Connor of O'Donnel got the idea from a "local" restaurant which offered Cold Duck as a blend of still burgundy and champagne.
We were so successful with Henri Marchant Cold Duck, we were forced keep a second shift and were considering a third.
What's next, after Cold Duck, pop wines and wine coolers?
In the last 30 years we have seen the market for wine increased by Cold Duck remember?
Speaking of Cold Duck, that was one of my biggest thrills - watching the sales of Cribari Cold Duck climb by double digits month after month.