luncheon meat

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any of various sausages or molded loaf meats sliced and served cold


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With experts now recommending no more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day, cold cuts can put a major dent in your daily quota.
Cold Cut Systems Svenska AB is a fast growing and profitable company that develops products for extinguishing fires and rescue work.
Cold Cut Systems Svenska AB, a fast growing profitable company with sales of ca 30 MSEK, develops, manufactures and markets products for extinguishing fires and rescue work.
Oscar Mayer has chosen to focus on the most popular cold cut flavors for the Healthy Favorites line: Boiled Ham, Honey Ham, Smoked Cooked Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast and Oven Roasted Chicken Breast.
Bands on the Xtreme Sports soundtrack include Amon Tobin, Cabbage Boy, Cold Cut, Dynamic Syncopation, Irresistible Force, London Funk Allstars, Mr.
Related to this, the cold cut production unit in Bjaeverskov, Denmark, has also been shut down at the end of September.
We tried the most popular option - the Italian cold cut sandwich with salami, coppacolla, provolone cheese, dressing, shredded lettuce, tomato and onion.
Contract award notice: supply of red meat, cold cuts of red meat and animal fats.
Our club source notes: "He requested miscellaneous cold cuts and vegetables, preferably Boar's Head (that's a NY brand, not a pig's body stuff on his rider was a bottle of Fiji spring water, Grey part).
Annette Marshall opened Cold Cuts Delicatessen in the old hairdressers' shop in Bedlington Station, which had stood empty for two years.
Instead of cluttering up your closet or plunking unwanted gifts in the trash, you can use REGIFT, a new iPhone and iPod Touch App from New Jersey-based Cold Cuts Media, to keep track of them, and pass them along on your next gifting event.
The revamped range of cold cuts by HK Ruokatalo, use board trays, which can be recycled just like milk and juice cartons.
The packaging is available for 23 varieties of premium roast beef, ham, chicken breast, turkey breast, and other cold cuts, including bologna, liverwurst and P&P loaf and will soon be extended to include artisan cheeses and authentic Italian delicacies, according to company officials.
To accompany the savoring of this young wine, an array of French cheeses and cold cuts flown in especially from France, were served to the thousand of guests attending, complemented with a selection of French pastries.
I can hold a big fat deli sandwich that is piled with cold cuts.