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a cream used cosmetically (mostly by women) for softening and cleaning the skin

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Place 1 pint cold cream in the bowl of a food processor, and process until the cream thickens (this will happen fast).
Don't stress out, follow your faith, have hobbies, and - here's where she shows her age - stick with Pond's Cold Cream for your face.
Designed for full-face deep cleaning and makeup removal, new W brand Cold Cream from Walgreens is said to be suitable for sensitive skin and to not dry the skin or clog the pores.
Good old Nivea, whose cold cream many of us have always relied upon, is now pitching a " pearly" deodorant which takes care of several female problems in one go.
This product boasts a rich, creamy texture that protects skin even on harsh winter days, so imagine the soothing effects of Weleda Cold Cream on hands that have been digging in the garden for half of the day.
This cold cream is here to make your skin so soft and beautiful that your skin speaks up your mind.
He has endorsed everything from a premium suit brand, India's largest selling auto brand, cement, cold cream, chocolates, to hair oil.
Kylie Minogue, the London-based singer and actress, recently told UK's News of the World newspaper that she has replaced Botox injections and costly creams for Pond's Cold Cream on her mother's recommendation.
Sales of Pond's Cold Cream rocketed by 120 per cent after it was allegedly said that Minogue uses the beauty cream daily on the advice of her mother.
Apparently, like her sister, she's no longer using it, and instead, credits her incredibly line free face to Ponds Cold Cream.
Super-fatted soaps have extra amounts of fatty substances--cocoa butter, coconut oil, cold cream, or lanolin.
Trust me, we are all each only a step away from night curlers and Pond's cold cream.
After someone attempts, for instance, not "to kill, just to muti-late" with ground glass in her cold cream, she dons her negligee and secures her little gun in her sleeve to investigate.
Bottega Verdeis Uomo Energy Power anti-wrinkle, anti-stress formulation, and Kelematais Victor anti-fatigue cold cream both recently reached European retail shelves utilizing Rexam's Prodigio, the airless, neutral, 100% recyclable lotion pump designed with the company's patented CleanPoint technology.