cold comfort

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very limited consolation or empathy

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A MINISTER has offered cold comfort to hundreds of people who face losing their jobs after the coalition slashed a key contract with a Tyneside firm.
The company was awarded the prestigious national Processor of the Year 2008 for successful improvements to its bottom line - but the accolade is cold comfort amid the current downturn.
It is probably too late now to say "we told you so", and cold comfort to be proved right.
SOME of the characters in Paul Doust's adaptation of Stella Gibbons' novel seem barking mad down on Cold Comfort Farm, but you learn to love them.
VICTIMS of crime across the Midlands will receive cold comfort from learning that West Midlands Police is splashing out more than pounds 1 million on spin doctors.
For Spencer residents who had seek treatment for skin irritation or had to find alternative water supplies until the problem is straightened out, that's apt to be cold comfort, indeed.
If that seems like cold comfort at best, consider this: Of the 413 papers in the small-newspaper group, 105 of them -- 25 percent -- gained circulation over the year, faring better than any other circulation group.
That, of course, would be cold comfort to a homeowner being held liable in some way for an accident.
Aunt Ada Doom gloomily warned of 'something nasty in the woodshed' in the satirical novel Cold Comfort Farm .
The Journal's Cold Comfort campaign aims to tackle the problem of pensioners who are freezing in their own homes.
The allocation of liabilities is cold comfort if the seller goes belly up after the transaction and cannot meet the obligations of the agreement.
Such a suggestion may be cold comfort to Farnsworth and Brown, but it's positively frightening to RCA and Alcatel.
Twenty-five years after Anita Bryant's successful campaign to thwart gay rights in Miami-Dade, perhaps there's cold comfort in the fact that her successors must resort to fraud to get signatures on their petitions-only to fail at the polls.
At least Enron stakeholders have the cold comfort of congressional hearings and public indignation.
That figure, of course, is cold comfort to any victim of an unsolved crime - and the police themselves will readily admit there are still too many of those about.