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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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1% and patients presenting with cold abscess constituted 19.
KEY WORDS: Multidrug-resistant cold abscess, multidrug-resistant extrapulmonary tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
In case of cold abscess, the biopsy was taken from the wall of the lymph node.
Surgical treatment of tuberculous cold abscess of the chest wall.
of patients Splenomegaly 23 (100) Hepatomegaly 13 (50) Cervical LN 11 (42) Ascites 6 (23) Cold abscess 6 (23) Pleural effusion 5 (19) Choroidal tubercle 1 (4) Table III.
Caseation may occur in microscopic foci within the granulomas, or areas of necrosis may coalesce, forming a cold abscess, particularly when the immunity is high.
Large retropharyngeal cold abscess in an adult with respiratory distress.
The lesion in the head of fibula broke through the cortex and had surrounding cold abscess.
One patient of lymphadenitis with Mycobacterium tuberculosis was present which had progressed to cold abscess involving the visceral vascular space.