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bowl-shaped strainer


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Wondering if Colander and Kupers would shed new light on how to reform the bad policies we currently endure and avoid adopting more of them, I dove into the book and soon encountered this passage:
Colander and Kupers seem unaware of their bias, but it shows up in the way they describe bottom-up solutions, as market coordination, laissez-faire activism, individual initiative, or self-reliance.
Mr Harris, whose four-year-old daughter Astri is a Pastafarian, maintains that wearing a colander is the equivalent to Muslim women wearing hijabs, or Jewish men wearing skullcaps.
2 Tip spinach into colander and pour boiled water over to wilt it.
Colander presents the 'changing face of economics' argument in its most vehement, voluminous and visible form (Colander 2000a, 2000b, 2003a, 2003b, 2005a, 2005b, 2008, 2009b).
Rub the pumpkin seeds in your hands under running water over a colander to wash away the stringy pulp.
Adults and children put together hosepipe and funnel headbands, colander hats, rustling wigs made of plastic bags and tailcoats with rubber glove epaulettes for the Carnival of Domestic Noise parade at Marsden Jazz Festival on October 11.
She uses an analogy of pasta draining in a colander to explain the difference between early childhood and adult memories.
For the sweetbreads: Drain sweetbreads in colander.
My tip is to use a small, lightweight colander and cook the spaetzle in batches.
A Texas man who says he follows the religion of "Pastafarianism" has won the right to wear a colander on his head for his driver's license photo--but his victory may be short lived.
CREATED WITH FUNCTION AND STYLE IN MIND, the new Colander Scoop and Measuring Scoop from Kuhn Rikon make measuring and prepping ingredients easy, fast and mess free, say officials for the Swiss-based company.
collection, including the Two Cup Colander, to rinse pints of berries, cherry tomatoes and more.
A New Jersey man looking to make a statement on religious expression was met with a police presence at a DMV office when he tried to take his driver's license photo wearing a colander on his head.
The Wedding Present @ The Gate Arts & Community Centre, Cardiff (Tuesday) | Once the proud wearer of a mop-top haircut that looked as though it had been fashioned by his mum using a colander, David Gedge was a ubiquitous presence on the '80 UK indie scene.