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bowl-shaped strainer


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The Magpies had won once at The defence as water Stamford Bridge in their colander, Stamford slackness Ritchie backwards critical.
One of them had a spade and the other a colander and they were taking the coins, Mr Egan sweeping up the coins with the spade and dumping them in the colander held by Mr O'Neill," added Mr Wylde.
Some used solar eclipse glasses or viewers, others made pin-hole projectors or used household objects like colanders and some even just spotted the eclipse through the tree leaves around them.
A ginormous colander at that - a veritable HADRON COLANDER, in fact.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Old colander Compost Small Sempervivum and sedum plants (look for them in the alpines section of a garden centre) Decorative gravel or horticultural grit WATER WHAT TO DO: 1.
If Middlebury College economist David Colander and theoretical physicist Roland Kupers wanted to get pro-market, government minimalists like me to read their new book, then they did a good job of picking its title, Complexity and the Art of Public Policy.
Economists Colander and Kupers offer a condensed historical account of traditions of thought that lay at the intersection economics, politics, and public policy.
A MOTORIST who accused Swansea's DVLA of discrimination for rejecting his driving licence picture - because he's wearing a colander on his head - is organising protests this weekend.
Somebody at the show the other night shouted 'colander' at me, and it was deserved - we went on about that b***y colander," he grins.
Colander presents the 'changing face of economics' argument in its most vehement, voluminous and visible form (Colander 2000a, 2000b, 2003a, 2003b, 2005a, 2005b, 2008, 2009b).
Adults and children put together hosepipe and funnel headbands, colander hats, rustling wigs made of plastic bags and tailcoats with rubber glove epaulettes for the Carnival of Domestic Noise parade at Marsden Jazz Festival on October 11.
She uses an analogy of pasta draining in a colander to explain the difference between early childhood and adult memories.
For the sweetbreads: Drain sweetbreads in colander.
My tip is to use a small, lightweight colander and cook the spaetzle in batches.
A Texas man who says he follows the religion of "Pastafarianism" has won the right to wear a colander on his head for his driver's license photo--but his victory may be short lived.