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bitter brown seed containing caffein

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In the study, Pier Giorgio Righetti and colleagues explained that cola drinks, which are sold at premium prices, purportedly made from natural cola nuts are becoming popular and are sold in many natural food stores.
BAZZA High-Energy Tea delivers as much energy per ounce as existing energy drinks, but relies solely on the naturally-occurring xanthines found in four of BAZZA's natural ingredients: green tea, yerba mate, guarana, and cola nut.
Other natural energy is derived from yerba mate, guarana, and cola nut.
A unique and effervescent cola nut fragrance is featured in both Republican and Democrat Soap bars.
Its caffeinated green tea base works with cola nut and Super CitriMax(TM) -- a natural source of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) -- to give your energy level and ability to burn calories a little boost.
Simon ordered a test straight away and found he was intolerant to cow's milk, yeast, almonds and cola nuts.
Within a few months she and Maurice presented cola nuts to the elders, the traditional preamble to a proposal.
The decision only came after numerous offerings to the divinities of beef, poultry, drinks, cola nuts and animal sacrifices to the ancestors during voodoo ceremonies in the heart of a sacred forest.
They are all found in cola nuts, coffee, tea, and cacao beans as well as other plants.
The Centre for International Forestry Research says nine NTFPs, including bush mango, the bark and fruits of Garcinia cola, palm nuts, cola nuts, and the African pear, generated US$1.
Cola' comes from cola nuts used in it, and `Pepsi' because it was meant to combat dyspepsia.
But it wasn't until 1898 that his concoction known as "Brad's Drink", a combination of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and cola nuts, was renamed Pepsi Cola.
Of course, as inspector Dean Cook points out while we walk through a spice plant filled to the roof with sacks of cola nuts, black pepper, and oregano, the vast majority of the goods he checks are safe.
It is also found in tea leaves, cocoa nibs and cola nuts.
Airwaves Active comes in a Citrus Fusion flavour that combines guarana--a natural source of caffeine--with green tea, cola nuts, menthol and passion fruit flavours to provide consumers with a "taste kick", said Wrigley Available in packs of 10 pieces, each pellet contains 5mg of caffeine.