coitus interruptus

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a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation

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The impromptu rendition of Francis Scott Key's nearly 200-year-old tribute to America comes at the young guy's request--he asks for some music to defuse the awkwardness of sex with strangers--but the singer's choice of material is so absurd that he and the boyfriend can't help but join in, and all three soon collapse into laughter, coitus interruptus.
She refers to the interruptions that occur during a sex scene (or a scene displaying sexual violence) as coitus interruptus (p.
What about loaded words, such as birth control, coitus interruptus, contraception, and, although Biller does not say it, family planning?
Coitus interruptus and family respectability in Catholic Europe: A Sicilian case study.
In this method, also called coitus interruptus the man withdraws his penis from the vagina before ejaculation.
Kissing was fun - I could do that all night - but I certainly had no desire to `go all the way' or `get off at Paisley' as the locals described coitus interruptus.
Sin embargo, en pleno ajetreo horizontal, la "mujer" se poncha y desinfla, dejando al protagonista con un coitus interruptus.
A Dublin nightclub, for example, offers cocktails called slow screw, coitus interruptus, multiple orgasm, doggy style, and Bill Clinton.
This moment of lesbian coitus interruptus is a key scene in the novel, as in it lies the root of almost all of Julia's future distress.
The French birth rate plummeted throughout the century as couples practiced prevailing forms of contraception -- onanism and coitus interruptus.
Si desea mas informacion acerca de otros metodos como el diafragma, el ritmo, coitus interruptus, la esponja, espermicidas (solos), etc.
While the Qur'an does condemn in the strongest possible words the pre-Islamic Arabs' practice of infanticide, especially, of baby girls, Muslims have continued the prevention of unwanted pregnancies through 'azal, or coitus interruptus, which was widely used among ancient Arabs.
The Oneida Community flourished with its thoroughgoing scheme for the "best development of the heart, mind and body," a program involving innovations such as the graham cracker and what our forebears called "free love," facilitated by coitus interruptus.
It was coitus interruptus at its juiciest" - and an equally busy theatre habit.
The authors are particularly interested in the meanings that are attributed to the widespread practice of coitus interruptus.