coitus interruptus

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a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation

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In this method, also called coitus interruptus the man withdraws his penis from the vagina before ejaculation.
Kissing was fun - I could do that all night - but I certainly had no desire to `go all the way' or `get off at Paisley' as the locals described coitus interruptus.
A Dublin nightclub, for example, offers cocktails called slow screw, coitus interruptus, multiple orgasm, doggy style, and Bill Clinton.
The French birth rate plummeted throughout the century as couples practiced prevailing forms of contraception -- onanism and coitus interruptus.
While the Qur'an does condemn in the strongest possible words the pre-Islamic Arabs' practice of infanticide, especially, of baby girls, Muslims have continued the prevention of unwanted pregnancies through 'azal, or coitus interruptus, which was widely used among ancient Arabs.
Birth control methods such as amplexus reservatus, the decision to suppress ejaculation by both sexes (dry orgasm) and coitus interruptus, directing the male semen outside the uterus, were two of the practices priests condemned.
Then the either/or frame moved from coitus interruptus to a gangster movie, with General Aidid in the role of Al Capone, a thug who wants only violence and anarchy.
For any period attitudes towards motherhood and children, towards sexuality, attempts to control fertility, mutual aid between women, and even between women and men (the latter are notably absent from Fuchs's study except as administrators and reformers) when the principal means of birth control is coitus interruptus, are destined to remain elusive to the historian.
Fliess was a Berlin-based ear, nose, and throat specialist who believed that "the misuse of the sexual function"-especially masturbation, coitus interruptus, and the use of condoms-caused damage to the nervous system and also to tissues in the nose.
Here he is summing up some of their shenanigans: "So far Genesis has described straight rape, attempted gay rape, father-daughter incest, coitus interruptus with a dead brother's wife, sex with one's own wife, sex with the wrong wife, sex with a concubine, sex with dad's concubine, and sex with a prostitute who is also a daughter-in-law.
whatever, the coitus interruptus of mid-season international fixtures has left Boro's season shattered.