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The mucoid cyst of penis is rare and can difficult the coitus.
While Bohlen et al (22) suggested that the challenge of two flights of stairs might not apply to all patients (22), Drory (10) regarded that equating energy expenditure during coitus with 'climbing two flights of stairs' was a potentially misleading oversimplification.
The number of times condoms were used was divided by coital frequency to obtain participants' percentage of condom use during coitus for two time periods: the past 14 days and the past 60 days.
In England, prior to the late nineteenth century, effective contraception was not available, alternative sexual practices were not acceptable substitutes for coitus, and children were a major economic cost.
In Bangkok Blues, Virgulius and Koi are, in turn, the comma that separates ever so briefly and the coitus that unites.
From flying to being naked in public, from combat to coitus, from single episodic dreaming to dreams that reoccur, non-specialist general readers will find the "Field Guide To Dreams" to be an invaluable, illuminating, informative, and enthusiastically recommended approach to determining what the subconscious is trying to portray through the medium of our dreams.
To take this discussion from the preliminal separation rite that Cass's cutting of her own hair constitutes, to the postliminal rite of coitus to which she resorts as an adult, it first needs to be said that van Gennep suggests that coitus has tended to be seen as a 'rite of incorporation' and as 'the final act in initiation ceremonies'.
The two of them concentrating on coitus, not calculus.
Consistent and inconsistent pledgers delayed their time to first coitus by several years, compared with nonpledgers.
Those become furtherly aggravated when effecting coitus takes a long time (weeks-months).
The average age of first coitus is 16 in the United States: in some communities, it is as young as 12.
With no methods other than abortion, lactation and perhaps condoms, people were interrupting coitus all over the world--and still are.
A Dublin nightclub, for example, offers cocktails called slow screw, coitus interruptus, multiple orgasm, doggy style, and Bill Clinton.
I began in Psychology, began again in Philosophy, German (Boston College), unmatriculated, moved into my mother's home in Toledo (father, deceased: coitus interuptus; neighbor's hunting rifle), was welcomed, gained much weight, married a comedienne.
Similar SSR inversion has been reported in the progeny of subfertile men in which plasma testosterone levels were significantly decreased (22,23) and in male and female patients affected by non-Hodgkin's lymphoma during their reproductive period (37), who can be supposed to experience a decreased coitus frequency and thus enhancement of delayed fertilization or PoOO.