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of or relating to coitus or copulation


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Washington, April 27 (ANI): Adult circumcision lowers the risk of contracting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the risk of coital injury without reducing pleasure or causing sexual dysfunction, two new studies have shown.
The interviewer also gathered estimates of coital frequency before and after the cuff excision.
This method is proposed as an emergency method only to prevent pregnancy as a result of a single unprotected or inadequately protected coital exposure and is not to be used as an ongoing method of contraception, since a failure rate of even two percent per treatment cycle can be translated to a cumulative failure rate of as much as 24 percent annually, a rate which is totally unacceptable as an ongoing method of contraception.
The incidence of unprotected coital acts increased by approximately 3% per month and condom use for a single coital act was 0.
Detractors - and there are plenty of them - reckon her prose, her pruning and her preoccupation with coital positioning leave her way behind when it comes to literary style, and great penmanship.
COITAL cephalgia, or headaches with sex, is a recognised but relatively rare condition.
Coital frequency was decreased in association with dyspareunia and decreased orgasmic quality in the third trimester and these results were similar to other studies.
These showed 'sudden coital death' to be much more common when a man was meeting his mistress than when he was with his wife.
The Atlantic Web site, though, pointed out that being smarter does not mean you should have more sex, emphasising that "Smarter teens, in fact, tend to delay the initiation of their coital activities.
These data mean that if you control for coital behavior and for male factors, the data clearly show a tendency toward a significant difference in fertility between women with a normal pelvis and those with minimal or mild endometriosis.
coital smoke in a futuristic sci-fi film where every objection can be explained away.
Fertility patterns were closely linked to relatively low fertility among the newly married, long birth intervals and early cessation of childbearing, and were related to the practice of child marriage, intensive and prolonged breastfeeding, comparatively low coital frequency, poor health and periodic separation.
But when it was broadcast, the post coital shower encounter stopped just short of the censors.
In two cases, the tails of the males were tucked under their partners' as would be expected from the coital position.