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stiff coarse fiber from the outer husk of a coconut

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The mechanical properties of sisal and coir natural fibre composites were prepared by Araldite resin matrix.
According to the company, as a result of this new purchase order, it will ship an additional 1,600 bags of Monarch Coco Coir to The Big Tomato.
The coco coir, with a length of 12 meters, is sold at P4.
The sheets are then heat-pressed into the desired shape, while retaining the organic appearance of coir on the surface.
The study was centred in Pipili, Banmalipur for applique work, in Satsankh and Sakhigopal area for coir craft and in Raghurajpur and Dandasahi for patta painting.
At the Coir Kerala 2014 meet here in Kerala's coir capital, delegates are exchanging notes on enhancing the utility of coir fibre, and taking it far beyond the traditional mats and matting product ranges.
The Alappuzha District in Kerala has great potential in the production of a variety of coir products.
Significant differences in fatigue life have been reported in studies on coir reinforced PP composites, in which improvement of the interface was achieved by adding a compatibilizer, since addition of coir to PP without compatibilizer reduced fatigue life when compared to virgin PP.
The corms of the single variety of tuberose was sown in 9 inch pots by using poultry manure, leaf compost and farm yard manure (FYM) in combination with coconut coir and sand in 1:1 ratio.
Coir fiber, treated sewage sludge, compost (prepared by mixing poultry manure with sewage) and press mud (obtained from Crescent Sugar Mills, Faisalabad, Pakistan) were tested for their physical and chemical characteristics and suitability to be used as growing media for Ruscus production.
Traditional string beds: hanging by a thread 'Charpais' the traditional beds made from wood and coir rope are disappearing fast in the southern province of Khost and with it, the traditional economy revolving around the making and sale of these beds.
KNOWN FOR HER BRIGHTLY colored area rugs and other furnishings, designer Angela Adams has expanded into coir mats, so her bold designs can be seen right at the front door.
2001) Lignocelluloses Biomass can be utilized to produce ethanol promising alternate energy source for the limited crude oil The quantity of coir waste produced is so enormous making its disposal difficult because of its high lignocellulose and slow degradation in natural environment Lignin degradation was studied following the materialization of a synthetic 14C[beta]-labeled lignin (Side chain labeled dehydrogenation polymer, DHP)
In our November/December 2007 issue, we suggested using coir (pronounced "koi'er")--the fibrous outer husk of coconuts--as an ecological alternative to peat moss in your garden.