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Finally, the government was a large coinsurer because profits produced at BP's locations with the greatest exposure to loss were taxed at rates as high as 87 percent.
Several insurers were hit by large claims after these events, with many others also affected, having acted as coinsurers of the affected risks.
The general rule of equal contribution developed out of cases involving coinsurers and co-sureties.
Also, the carriers want the bigger corporations to be coinsurers.
The "other insurance" clause then provides that coinsurers will provide coverage by equal shares.
The Second Circuit made it clear that the government's argument that the defendants owed a fiduciary duty to their policyholders, coinsurers and reinsurers was flawed.
Brennan was sentenced to 57 months in prison and fined $100,000 when a Brooklyn federal jury found USAU and its president had committed fraud against USAir, its coinsurers and reinsurers by making misrepresentations and failing to disclose information, including the possible conflict of interest.
The 43 counts of mail fraud, for which Brennan and USAU had been charged, stemmed from letters sent by the company to USAir, the coinsurers and the reinsurers.
That altruism plays a role in matching coinsurers is not surprising in light of the nature of non-market insurance.
The work product of the claims team-that is, the claim itself--will be reviewed and scrutinized by the insurance company's adjusters, accountants, underwriters, coinsurers, reinsurers, and other experts.